Google's image-caption creator, based on AI technology, is now open source

Google has just published the code for Show and Tell, its image-caption creation technology, which uses artificial intelligence to give images captions. The new system is far quicker than the original Show and Tell.

Siri may open your smart lock-enabled doors to anyone who asks nicely

A Missouri man found out the hard way that his Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home could unlock his smart locks for strangers who simply ask Siri to do so. Luckily, it was only his neighbor who exploited this potential flaw.

One-man brand: The Balldur lamp is also a wireless charger, stereo, and alarm clock

The Balldur is branded as a "multi-function handmade wooden sound lamp." Promising high quality sound and wireless charging capabilities, this lamp may look a bit retro, but there's nothing antiquated about it.

Disappointing sales may spur Blackberry's exit from smartphone hardware market

BlackBerry's second-quarter 2016 earnings call is on September 28, and some signs point to a potential exit from the smartphone hardware business. It's a long time coming -- BlackBerry's devices command less than 1 percent of the market.
Virtual Reality

Google Daydream developer tools are out of beta -- is its release imminent?

Announced in May, Google Daydream is a mobile-first platform for virtual reality apps and games. Here is a list of devices and software that support it, plus the latest news of new features as they debut.

Disney princesses heading to your smartphone with ‘Charmed Adventures’

Disney has launched a new app for both Android and iOS called Disney Princesses: Charmed Adventures, which allows you to play a series of minigames and collect charms for your bracelet.

In love with your new iPhone 7? Here are 10 tips that will make you adore it even more 8:07

There's more to the newly-released iPhone 7 than meets the eyes... so long as you know where to look. Here's 10 useful tips and tricks to get you started, so you tap into everything Apple's latest smartphone has to offer.

You can now create polls, pay your debts to friends in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is getting an update with a new feature that will now detect when you need to pay people back and prompt you to do so. The app also now allows group polls, so you can easily figure out what to get to dinner.

Verizon rejects unlimited data, says those users 'tend to be abusive' of the privilege

CFO Fran Shammo put any questions to rest -- for now at least -- as to whether Verizon customers will see unlimited data any time soon. But will it be forced to change by the rest of the wireless industry?

Feeling lonely? Make friends by sending a digital paper plane around the world

Need to know you're not alone in the world? A digital paper plane from a stranger might do the trick. Google and Active Theory have released a Paper Planes app It's an Android Experiment that seeks to bring people together.

Several updated apps ride in on the latest Windows Insider preview build wave

Microsoft released Preview Build 14931 to Windows Insider participants in the Fast ring that serves as a launch platform for several updated apps to test. These include Sticky Notes, Maps, Feedback Hub, and a new service for Skype Preview.

Haven't registered to vote yet? Just text HelloVote and get it done

HelloVote is a new bot that helps people with smartphones (72 percent of American adults) register to vote for the new president in just seven weeks. It's capable of registering voters in every state in the U.S.