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What is the ‘Stagefright’ hack? How to defend yourself

More than 950 million Android phones are vulnerable to a new hack utilizing bugs found in the Stagefright media playback tool. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to defend yourself.


How to buy an Apple Watch: All of Best Buy’s stores will sell it before September ends

The Apple Watch is Apple's latest, and perhaps most controversial, piece of mobile hardware yet. Here's everything you need to know about how and where to buy one.


Facebook Moments update makes it easy to create and share music video of your pictures

Today's update to the Facebook Moments app might entice you to finally try it out. Share pictures with your friends and the app will automatically create a mini music video from the collection.

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Verizon Droid 2015 rumors: Leaked Droid Maxx 2 looks just like the Moto X Play

It's time to start looking into what Verizon Wireless and Motorola are cooking up for this year's Droid lineup. Early rumors indicate that we will get second generations of the Droid Maxx and Droid Turbo.


Best Buy CEO boasts about Apple Watch sales and the retailer’s plans to sell more

Best Buy's CEO says the Apple Watch is selling very well in stores and online. The retailer plans to expand its Apple Watch sales to more stores before the holidays, and it'll offer Apple Care and perhaps authorized repairs soon.


Warning: Don’t put the S Pen into your Galaxy Note 5 the wrong way

Whatever you do, don't insert that S Pen backwards on the Galaxy Note 5. Doing so can damage the phone's S Pen detection feature or it could get stuck for good. Could this be #pengate?


HTC Aero (aka the Hero phone) news: Leaked picture looks just like an iPhone 6

There are rumors spreading that HTC may have another smartphone to release before the end of 2015. It's being referred to as the HTC Hero or the HTC Aero, and opinion is split on how high-spec the phone will be. Here's everything we think we know about it.


How to transfer your contacts between iPhone and Android

There's nothing worse than getting a new phone and realizing you don't have any of your old contacts listed. Luckily, it's an easy problem to solve. Here's how to transfer your contact list to your new device.


Rare, quirky, and fun: You’ve never used a phone like this before

Ubuntu Mobile is quirky and the MX4 is gorgeous, but the finicky OS makes the MX4 frustrating to live with everyday.

  • Pros: Beautiful hardware , Excellent camera , Bezel-less, high…
  • Cons: Poor battery life , Limited apps , Official sales restricted…

Uber tests discounted Smart Routes where riders will have to walk to the pick-up point

Uber's testing a "Smart Route" feature that aims to make its driver operation more efficient by getting users to walk to designated streets for their ride. It'll take a little longer, and mean a little more effort, but riders can bag a discounted fare.


You could play against Maria Sharapova at the U.S. Open, thanks to this amazing VR experience

Ever wondered how it would be to return the tennis serve of a champion? If you’re headed to the U.S. Open later this month, you may have the chance to find out — without having to set foot on the court itself, or risk embarrassing yourself in front of the…

Cool Tech

Samsung seems to be all smiles as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus sell well in South Korea

With the company needing a home run with its recently launched Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, Samsung is probably happy to learn that 25,000 units a day, combined, are being sold in the company's home country of South Korea.


Google Maps now detects and prompts you to share photos of food

A new feature of Google Maps automatically detects pictures of food and prompts users to share, upload, and tag them. It's part of Google's effort to fill gaps in its database of local businesses.


Frill-free and thrill-free, the OnePlus 2 still impresses with its price

The OnePlus 2 has come to take on this year’s and next year’s flagship smartphones. It’s a great price, but is it the great phone it needs to be in order to succeed? Let’s…

  • Pros: Well priced , Snapdragon 810 power , Premium build quality…
  • Cons: Camera app needs improvement , Battery life didn’t impress…

This iOS app and motion tracker can auto-edit your sports video and overlay metrics

No one wants to come home from along but awesome day to edit the footage of said awesome day into a jealousy inducing reel. Feeling the burn and recording the footage is the fun part, and Blast Motion lets you do to that; it's a fitness tracker and video…