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‘Arrested Development’ season 5 in the works, may shoot in 2017

Netflix has promised to deliver Arrested Development season 5 to fans, and creator Mich Hurwitz is writing it now. If season 5 does proceed, it could begin shooting in early 2017, says Hurwitz.

VW recalling more than 5,600 vehicles over issue with back seat child locks

The rear seat child locks on 5,658 recalled 2016 Volkswagen CCs, Golf Rs, Tiguans, and e-Golfs can disengage due to vibration. Unrestrained children in the backseat who accidentally open a door could fall out. Dealers will contact owners.

The votes are in! Here are the seven finalists in the Windows Insider T-shirt contest

Microsoft is now serving up seven finalists to vote on stemming from its Windows Insider T-shirt Design Contest. The winning T-shirt design will be sold globally, likely for $20 each based on the contest rules, via Microsoft's online store.

LastPass, used by millions, may be vulnerable to shockingly simple exploits

Google Project Zero team member Tavis Ormandy found an 'obvious' LastPass vulnerability, and sent a report to the company. A fix is on the way, but hasn't been patched in yet.
Cool Tech

This homemade flying chair is the stuff dangerous dreams are made of

Swedish engineer Axel Borg, a.k.a. the brains behind YouTube channel Amazing DIY Projects, has built his own homemade flying machine. And it's all kinds of awesome -- albeit somewhat dangerous-looking.

Microsoft’s new camera app for iOS uses AI to make your photos better

Microsoft's Pix app leverages machine learning to improve the quality of your photos and videos by, for instance, taking a 10-image burst shot and selecting the best of the series. It's available for iOS.
Cool Tech

MIT is developing vibrating space boots that warn astronauts of tripping hazards

A team of researchers have developed vibrating boots which could sense obstacles and vibrate to warn their wearers ahead of time -- whether those are astronauts, firemen, or the elderly.

Apple Pay is dominating the contactless payment market in the U.S.

Apple Pay, the payment service that launched in 2014, is dominating the contactless payment market. According to retailers, 75 percent of all contactless payments made in the U.S. come through Apple Pay.

Pink power: Two Kirby games to hit Wii U Virtual Console this week

Nintendo's pink puffball Kirby is back with a pair of digital Wii U releases this week in North America as Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby Mass Attack make their Virtual Console debuts.

Apple's latest patent could make the humble stylus a jack of all trades

If you like the idea of needing just one peripheral to do most jobs for you, Apple's new stylus design could well be what you're after. Although far from a finished product, the stylus could also be used as a mouse or even a joystick.
Cool Tech

Lockheed Martin’s ‘spider’ robot searches airships for tiny holes, then patches them 1:47

Airships are very efficient ways of moving around, but they do have the downside of an enormous, somewhat flimsy structure - that's where the SPIDER comes in. It's autonomous and can detect and repair any holes it finds as part of…