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SoundCloud is losing big money, calls for major cash infusion

Music streaming company SoundCloud is hemorrhaging money, having spent $63 million to generate just $19 million in 2014. The service has called for venture capital to remain solvent.
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Google’s new stand-alone VR headset won’t need a smartphone or PC 2:36

Reports indicate Google will replace cardboard with a full-fledged stand-alone VR headset that won't rely on a smartphone or hot-rod PC to function.

Dying Light: Spotlight Edition charges $10,000,000 for role in upcoming film

How much would you pay to in the big screen adaptation of a popular video game? Dying Light developer Techland believes the answer is $10 million.

You can literally stand on the new CTL Chromebook

Some Chromebooks are in for a rough life of being tossed around a classroom, so CTL is improving their quality of life with a Chromebook that can support up to 365 pounds without taking any damage.

File your tax returns from the couch with these 8 great iPad apps

Our list of the best iPad apps for filing or getting help with your federal and state income taxes, from TurboTax to H&R Block. These are excellent resources if you're taxes aren't a huge, complicated mess.

Spotify's Love Notes lets you send musical valentines

In honor of Valentine's Day, Spotify is rolling out Love Notes, a new service that lets you craft a custom playlist to say anything from "I secretly love you" to "let's get it on."

Ford will add a ‘mini SUV’ and electric crossover in the next four years

Ford announced that it will move to add four all new SUV models within the next four years, including a subcompact and EV. The other two intended crossovers remain a mystery for now.

Seattle-based law firm files suit against Apple over 'Error 53'

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus users are angrily voicing their concerns over 'Error 53,' which has persisted for quite a while. A class-action lawsuit has just been filed regarding the persistent issue.

Terrorists will evade encryption backdoor net according to new study

Whether you are looking for a hardware or a software encryption solution, there are hundreds of options out there. That's why, according to a new study, it's a waste of time adding backdoors to devices or services.
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The Sleep Guardian Plus gently wakes kids up before they enter nightmare territory 0:30

The Sleep Guardian Plus gently wakes kids up before nightmares start. It vibrates the mattress gently so kids are barely disturbed, but don't reach the phase of sleep where night terrors occur. And kids easily fall back asleep…

Anti-Adblock Killer heralds next stage in ad blocking arms race

Anti-Adblock Killer is a new extension that promises to prevent sites from blocking other AdBlock software, prompting further questions about the way that online publications implement ads.
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10 criminally underrated Netflix movies you owe it to yourself to watch

Netflix's massive selection often makes it hard to find anything to watch other than what's currently trending. To help, we've compiled a list of the 10 most underrated movies in Big Red's extensive catalog.