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Twitter, Facebook becoming dominant news sources for more American adults

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that an increasing number of adult Americans is getting its current-events news from either Twitter or Facebook – affirming a trend that began in the last couple of years.

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Custom fit: How to specify who you ‘See First’ in your Facebook feed

Facebook's latest feature, "See First," lets you prioritize posts from specified people and pages. Check out our simple guide on how to implement the feature using your iOS device.

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Brazil’s sin-free version of Facebook gets cease-and-desist letter from real Facebook

Facegloria is Brazil’s G-rated version of Facebook, and it already has 100,000 users. The site has strict rules against swearing, nudity, and more. But its immediate popularity has also caught Facebook's attention, in a cease-and-desist letter.

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Department of irony? Facebook limits free speech in Russia, says Putin aide

Facebook is being accused of censorship in Russia after the company deleted a purportedly offensive slang term to describe Ukrainians that was posted by a government official.

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Woman cries uncontrollably after her phone dies on the subway

While you may find it challenging not to laugh at this Chinese woman who had a meltdown when her phone's battery died, there are some people who can’t detach themselves from their cell phones.


That spike in Instagram followers you had is due to a bug, not newfound popularity

Recently, a bug on Instagram caused some users' accounts to see a marked increase in their follower counts. Instagram is working on fixing it, so enjoy your popularity while you still can.

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Facebook’s head of security wants an ‘end-of-life’ date for Flash

Following the discovery of more zero days in Adobe Flash from the recent Hacking Team breach, Facebook's chief security officer has called on Adobe to end Flash once and for all.


Now you’ll never know when your ex-friend deleted you: Facebook shut the app down

Every day, Facebook members are blindly “unfriended.” While Facebook doesn’t provide a feature to notify its users every time they are removed from someone’s friend’s list, Facebook just shut down a new app called Who Deleted Me that planned to fill…

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Twitter pulls flashing Vine ads following claims they could cause seizures

Twitter bowed to pressure from a U.K. epilepsy charity recently after it was accused of posting "massively dangerous" ads that had the potential to cause seizures. The flashing, looping Vine ads were removed by the social media company after about 18 hours.

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Justin Bieber’s gratuitous photo shows Instagram’s ‘no nudity’ policy is broken

How much bare skin can one show before it violates Instagram's strict "no nudity" policy? Justin Bieber was able to get away with a full backside photo, so why didn't the social network enforce its rules?

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SRI International wants machines to deal with cyberbullying so you don’t have to

SRI International, which first came to prominence for developing Siri, is now working on computer algorithms that can identify cyberbullying as it happens, and put a much quicker end to it


Bangalore’s police force wants people to use Periscope to record crimes

Bangalore's police force wants to embrace Periscope by initially live-broadcasting its press conferences. Ultimately, however, it wants citizens to use the app to record crimes, with one goal to seemingly cut down response times.


Twitter’s integration with Madbits flags NSFW content to keep you from getting fired

Twitter's acquisition of artificial intelligence company Madbits is recognizing and flagging pornography to make your Twitter feed safer for work, and the implications for artificial intelligence are boudnless.

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WhatsApp for Web now lets you do a whole lot more

WhatsApp has shown some love to the Web version of its messaging software, rolling out a bunch of new features in an unannounced update that comes six months after it launched the desktop client.

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Snapchat’s #WestBankLive story feature shows the real power of social media

July 9's Live Story feature on Twitter covered the West Bank, offering the world a rare glimpse into part of the world that is too often wracked with violence and covered only by camera crews of media outlets with their own stories to tell.

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