Kinect will be the only way to speak to Cortana on the Xbox One

If you're planning to use voice control to access Cortana on the upcoming Xbox One Dashboard update, then you're going to need a Kinect too, according to Microsoft's promotional material.

Calm down! Like dogs, the first Intel RealSense games can sense your fear

Intel's RealSense system not only senses gestures like Kinect, it can detect your pulse to read your emotions, opening the door for games that know when you're scared -- and respond accordingly.

Kinect for Windows is dead, long live Kinect for Windows

Microsoft has announced that while the Kinect will no longer be sold for Windows, developers don't have to worry about its availability for the platform thanks to an adapter that allows the Kinect for Xbox One to connect to Windows PCs.

Body Labs wants to create your virtual doppelganger, and bring it to life

Imagine scanning yourself into a videogame or virtual world. Think of the design possibilities for tailored goods and services if companies had a realistic 3D model of your body. We had a chat with Bill O’Farrell of Body Labs to find out…

Xbox One Kinect coming as a $150 standalone purchase in October 2014

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One's Kinect camera sensor will be sold separately as a $150 package that includes Dance Central Spotlight, starting on October 7.

Microsoft may add Kinect gestures to upcoming Nokia McLaren Windows Phone

Microsoft looks to add Kinect-like gesture controls to the upcoming Nokia McLaren smartphone and other Windows Phone devices. The 3D Touch interface will use gestures to control phone call settings, dismiss notifications, and other app…

Convenient? Yes, but it turns out Kinect was never essential for Xbox One

Microsoft’s hard line on bundling Kinect with the Xbox One got softer last week when it started selling the system for $100 cheaper without it. Lesson learned: The future is fantastic until you have to pay for it.

Microsoft announces Kinect-less Xbox One for $400

Microsoft has announced that starting June 9 they will begin selling a less expensive model of the Xbox One that will come without the bundled Kinect motion sensor.

Google Glass meets Kinect in ARI, a gesture-recognition app for smartglasses

Tired of talking to your smartglasses? ARI allows Google Glass users to control their specs with a literal wave of the hand.

Microsoft brings the Xbox One’s Kinect to PC, Xbox One graphics to DirectX 12 (Updated)

The next-generation of Microsoft’s Kinect that debuted with the Xbox One is coming to the PC. No word on when it will launch, but according to Microsoft it will be soon.
Cool Tech

Oculus Rift and Kinect used to power robot arm for NASA

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory pairs an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with Microsoft's second-generation Kinect in a robot arm experiment meant to explore possible remote control interfaces for use in outer space.

Apple officially owns the company that made Microsoft’s Kinect

Apple representatives have confirmed that it has made a deal to purchase PrimeSense, a 3D sensor company that became famous for its work with Microsoft's Kinect sensor.