Apple’s latest touchscreen keyboard patent suggests a squishy, keyless future

Apple's flirted with the idea of making a touchscreen keyboard for a while now, but a new filing made public gives us a sneak peek at how such a device could work -- and why it could be revolutionary. 

Qualcomm’s stand-alone VR headset design uses Tobii eye-tracking

Tobii said that Qualcomm's latest reference design for stand-alone VR headsets includes its eye-tracking technology. This component will enable foveated rendering, a method of "blurring" everything outside your field of view.

Don’t start adulthood with a bad decision. These are the best college laptops

When it comes to choosing a laptop for college, there are a lot of things to consider, whether that's size, battery life, or price. So before you spend all your hard-earned money on something you don't need, check out one of these laptops…

Researchers exploit flaws in two browsers installed on MacOS devices

Two separate reports show how researchers utilized Safari and Chome to control the Touch Bar and gain remote access without a password. The first Safari-based hack took place during Pwn2Own exploiting a flaw in the browser.
Movies & TV

PetaQ! You can finally learn to berate your enemies in Klingon

Language-learning platform Duolingo now offers a course in Klingon, the fictional language used in the Star Trek franchise. Last year, Duolingo introduced a course in High Valyrian from Game of Thrones.

Microsoft will pay you up to $250,000 to find Spectre-like flaws

Microsoft has added "speculative execution" vulnerabilities like those behind Meltdown and Spectre to its bug bounty program, offering up to $250,000 for anyone who can find them in Microsoft systems.

Intel CEO reveals hardware plans for addressing Meltdown, Spectre exploits

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed the company's plans for dealing with the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws in its next processors. The hardware rollout will start with the company's next-generation Xeon Scalable processors.
Virtual Reality

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo headset and VR camera are available for pre-order

Lenovo officially pulled the wraps off its stand-alone VR headset supporting Google's Daydream platform. Also on the way are two Daydream-branded cameras from Lenovo and YI Technology supporting Google's new VR180 format.

Fed up with GPU prices? Crypto-rig builder says gamers must suck it up and mine

Graphics card pricing remains a major problem for PC gamers, with all but the least powerful cards selling at twice MSRP. Josh Reddet, who builds crypto-mining rigs, thinks prices will stay high. The solution? Gamers should start mining.

Gaming-focused Logitech G560 may be most immersive computer speakers ever

Want to upgrade your gaming setup? Logitech's new G560 speakers boast colorful, reactive LED arrays that developers can use to make games more immersive. Plus, they support DTS:X Ultra surround sound.

Spring is the season to buy a new laptop

Is there a bad time to buy a laptop? Maybe not -- but for a couple of important reasons, spring is one of the best times to go out and buy a new laptop. Here's how to ensure you're future-proofing your next laptop purchase.

Google Maps is open to mobile AR game developers using Unity

Google said that it opened its Google Maps doors to developers of mobile augmented reality games, granting access to all that mapped data. This reduces the rendering overhead by allowing developers to transform the current area.