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best 3d printed houses 180328 house se 1226p 1baf81725e8af91473e62309ccf9a1dc focal 1000x500

These awesome 3D printed houses offer a glimpse into the future of construction

3D printing is already starting to revolutionize major industries, including art and prosthetics. Next on that list: Architecture. From the dry heat of Texas to the frigid snows of Minnesota and Russia, these are the coolest 3D-printed houses out there that rely on a variety of printers.
best super blue blood moon photos nasa

Gaze upon 2018’s super blue blood moon with these spectacular photos

The super blue blood moon on January 31, 2018 was an incredible sight. If you missed it, we have compiled some of the best photos of the event.
deep learning vs machine explained ai 01

Deep learning vs. machine learning: What’s the difference between the two?

Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two? We provide a simplified explanation of both AI-based technologies.
Motobot, robot

Rise of the machines: Here are the best robots we saw at CES 2018

Robots always have a big presence at CES, but this year that presence was bigger and more noticeable than ever before. Here's a quick roundup of all the best robots we spotted on the showfloor this year.

Even pets got in on the action at CES with these gadgets for furry friends

Who says pets can't use tech? Our favorites from CES range from a ball that can play with your dog to a temperature-controlled bed.
best drones ces 2018 uvify draco

The best drones we saw (and flew) at CES 2018

Drones have a huge presence at this year's CES, and despite the fact that most of them are clones and knockoffs, we found a few great ones
best crowdfunding projects 2017 kickstarter store

Year in review: The best crowdfunding projects of 2017

What were some of our favorite crowdfunding projects to grace Indiegogo and Kickstarter over the course of 2017? We're glad you asked!
remote control Sphero BB-9E

These ridiculously fun remote-control toys will make you feel like a kid again

Looking for the perfect remote-control toy or gadget for yourself or a loved one? Here, we've rounded up some of our personal favorites.
dji phantom 4 accessories

Don’t settle for the stock setup. Deck out your Phantom 4 with these accessories

Getting bored of DJI's stock Phantom 4 setup? Check out this list of DJI Phantom 4 accessories to find all the best upgrade options
best telepresence robots

These kickass telepresence robots are the next best thing to teleportation

Work from home and need more office face time? Or maybe the opposite? Check out our list of best telepresence robots for a fix.
best accidental inventions

The best accidental inventions prove sometimes it’s better not to try

Not all discoveries are the product of careful research and development. These five accidental inventions changed civilization as we know it.
best circular saws 716o zioafl  sl1000

A cut above the rest: Here are the best circular saws money can buy

Hunting for a versatile saw that'll glide through boards, but not break the bank? Look no further than this list of the best circular saws.
best science fair projects ideas 2016 04 13 17 00 10

These amazing science fair projects make your potato battery look prehistoric

From flying robots and a Lego spacecraft, to a device that helps people with Alztheimers, these are our favorite science fair projects.

The 10 best exoplanets we’ve discovered so far, ranked

Astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets since the 1970's, so we went ahead and picked the best ones -- and ranked them!
best solar eclipse gear

The best solar eclipse gear

On Monday, a total solar eclipse will be viewable from the U.S. for the first time in 38 years. Here's the best solar eclipse gear to bring.
best solar eclipse glasses

Don’t roast your retinas! Here are the best solar eclipse glasses you can still buy

To prevent eye damage while viewing a solar eclipse, you'll need specialized gear. Here, we've picked best solar eclipse glasses available.
The Best STEM Toys

These STEM coding toys will entertain your kids while teaching them about programming and robotics

If you're looking for the best STEM toys to get your kid interested in programming or technology, look no further than our list.
best fidget toys fidget spinner

Can’t stop fidgeting? Here are the 7 best fidget toys to get your fix with

The fidget craze is seemingly here to stay. Lucky for you, we've taken the time to round up seven of the best fidget toys on the planet.

DJI Spark vs Yuneec Breeze: Which portable drone should you buy?

In the world of portable drones, the DJI Spark vs Yuneec Breeze battle is one that's tough to call. Which one should you buy? Find out here
A cordless drill head on a bench.

These are the best cordless drills you can buy in 2018

best ferrofluid gadgets

Channel your inner Magneto with these 7 captivating ferrofluid gadgets

Activated ferrofluid can be striking. From shifting sculptures to intricate clocks, here are our seven favorite ferrofluid gadgets.
best underwater hotels poseidon undersea resorts 3e

The best underwater hotels: Rock bottom never looked so good

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in the deep blue? Check out the world’s best underwater hotels and resorts from Florida to Zanzibar.
best drones for beginners 5459700cv14d

The best drones for beginners

Drones can be intimidating -- we get that -- but they're not as complicated as you might think. Here our current picks for the best entry-level drones.
ubtech lynx ces 2017 2

The machines ham it up again: We found the best robots at CES 2017

It's seems like every year at CES, the robots always seems to steal the show. This year is no different. Here are five of the coolest robots from CES 2017.
best kickstarters 2016 vue glasses 2

Big tech from little companies: Here's the best Kickstarter campaigns from 2016

When you look back on 2016 in the years to come, what will be the overriding memory you have? Great Kickstarter projects, of course.
best products of 2016 cool tech monoprice maker select mini topic

Best Products of 2016: Cool Tech

best personal breathalyzers bactrack s80

Check yourself before you wreck yourself: Here’s the top 4 portable breathalyzers

A DUI is expensive and highly preventable, especially given the current abundance of great breathalyzers on the market. Here are four of our favorites.
best secret santa gifts christmas apps holidays

Not sure what to get for your Secret Santa exchange? Here’s 10 geeky gifts for under $25

Secret Santa exchanges can be a daunting task if you don't know your assigned recipient. Luckily, we've rounded up some great, tech-related gear under $25.
best online colleges sav header

You can earn most college degrees online, here’s how

Phoenix Online is no longer the only avenue for pursing a college education on the web. Here are six of our favorite universities offering online degrees.
best robots ifa 2016 our 6 favorite from

Our 6 favorite robots from IFA 2016 will mow, vacuum, and even sketch for you

Robots lose a little bit more of their novelty every year -- but they haven't ceased to amaze us yet.
best chatbots 56867161  robot typing on conceptual self illuminated keyboard

Here’s 6 helpful chatbots that prove conversation machines can do more than just talk

Here are the seven of the most interesting chatbots doing the rounds at the moment.
awesome tech you cant buy yet alchema modobag formula pi raspberry featured

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Luggage you can ride, cider makers, and more

awesome tech you cant buy yet levitating cup mine kaffon 072416

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Levitating cups, skateboard motors, and more

best of uk farnborough air show optica 1

Take a tour of the biggest, baddest, and weirdest planes we encountered at the UK's largest air show