Capcom to Cut Development Time in Half to Increase Franchise Output

capcom to cut development time in half increase franchise output

In what may be either one of the best, or one of the worst moves in its history, Capcom has announced that in order to counteract falling sales, it will release more software each year,and increase the output of its franchises. The goal is to cut development time from four years to two or three for its most popular franchises, including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

According to Andriasang, the website that found and translated the original Japanese story from, Capcom will accomplish this by outsourcing work to North America and Europe to shorten development cycles. Capcom did not expand on what exactly would be outsourced, or to who specifically the work would fall. If it works, Capcom hopes to release three to four major franchise titles per year, compared to the one or two it currently releases.

Although the prospect of rushed games should give gamers a spine-tingling moment of dread, it is becoming more common for developers and publishers to split the work amongst multiple sources to speed up development. Activision has done the same, and had huge success by switching developers each year on the Call of Duty franchise.