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Huawei MatePad Pro Review: In the iPad’s shadow

Can the MatePad Pro's great screen and wireless charging help it beat the iPad, or does software hold it back?
huawei matepad pro tablet review matebook feat

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review: The best tablet becomes a laptop — almost

Apple's Magic Keyboard won't kill the laptop, but it does give iPad Pro a massive boost in appeal and ability.
apple magic keyboard review ipad pro

Apple iPad Pro (2020) review: The definitive tablet

A fabulous media machine and productivity powerhouse, the 2020 iPad Pro is among Apple's best products.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e excels at what it was designed for — movies, games, and reading. At $400, it’s a good Android tablet for your home, but the question is whether you need a tablet at all when your phone can do just as much.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition review: Big screen on a budget

Anyone shopping for a large screen tablet suitable for children should think about getting the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. It packs a ton of a features are a reasonable price.
Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire 7 (2019) Review

Amazon brought some slight improvements to its Fire 7 tablet this year and offers an impressive package for just $50, but there are flaws you should be aware of before you buy. Find all the pros and cons right here.
amazon fire 7 2019 review  prd

Walmart Onn Android Tablet review

There aren’t many Android tablets under $100, so the Walmart Onn is an attractive prospect. With near stock Android and the Play Store on board it has the potential to be an Amazon Fire beater, but what’s it like to use?

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab hands-on review

The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab ditches Amazon Alexa in favor of Google Assistant. It's an Android tablet that acts very much like a dedicated smart speaker, but unlike the latter, it's not tethered to a singular location.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 review

If you’ve always fancied a smart display, but you need an Android tablet as well, then the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 could be the affordable device you’ve been dreaming of. Yet obsolete software and mediocre performance hold it back.

Apple iPad Air review

Apple now has four types of iPads -- the budget iPad, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. For professionals that are reluctant of the price of the highest-tier iPad Pro, the iPad Air is the tablet to buy.
Apple iPad Air

Google Pixel Slate review

Google Pixel Slate

ReMarkable tablet review

ReMarkable Tablet sleep

Lenovo Yoga Book review

Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 review

Lenovo TAB 2 A8 front home

HP ElitePad 1000 review

hp elitepad 1000 review case front angle 2

Amazon Fire HD 6 review

amazon free android apps july 1 2015 kindle fire hd front horizional