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Latest Tablet Reviews
The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) promises to be a fully-fledged Android tablet for just $60. It's not perfect, but for the price, it's more than enough.
2022 amazon fire 7 laying on a desk next to a keyboard and mouse. Its display shows a rainy day.
The Huawei MatePad Paper knows it's an eReader, but also thinks it's a tablet. Is it both, or neither? We find out in our review.
Huawei's Bookstore app on the MatePad Paper.
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8+ is the best Android tablet yet, packing in stunning hardware and excellent software.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ sits on a table with two lego minifigs.
Does the iPad Air 5's sweet design, M1 power, and big screen mean it has got all you need? Well, almost.
Apple iPad Air 5 with flowers.
The iPad Mini is big enough for movies, but small enough to read with one hand. It's my favorite iPad yet.
The iPad Mini stands on a floor with other Apple devices in the background.
The Nokia T20 tablet is a good budget Android tablet, but Android tablets themselves are not that awesome.
You can play Call of Duty: Mobile on the Nokia t20 tablet.
The absolutely best tablet you could buy gets even better in 2021 thanks to the M1 chip and Mini LED display.
12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard.
It may be the best Android tablet in its price range, but it's no iPad.
lenovo tab p11 pro review 5
Tablet boasts the perfect balance of price, features, and capabilities.
iPad Air 4
The second-gen Apple Pencil offers a number of great features for everyone given the updates in iPadOS 14.
The second-generation Apple Pencil beside an iPad.