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Conquer the mountain with the Pesu e-bike, now available on Kickstarter

Heralded as an all-terrain cross country AM mountain bike, the Pesu is an electric bike that can take you the distance.
Riese & Müller e-bikes

Riese & Müller mark 25th anniversary with special-edition ebike models

German ebike manufacturer Riese & Müller added three new models to its 2018 lineup of bikes in North America.
tern gsd e bike utility ebike

Tern GSD ebike may be the alternative to a car you’ve been looking for

The Tern GSD electric bike is a behemoth of a two-wheeled vehicle capable of transporting a whole family and groceries.
Rambo Bikes

Rambo’s electric bikes are built for rugged backcountry adventures

Rambo ebikes are built for use in the backcountry where their rugged frames and fat tires can virtually roll over anything thrown at them.
Avionics V1

The Avionics V1 looks like no other ebike on the market, reaches 32 mph

The new Avionics V1 e-bike has a retro look, comes with a 5000-watt motor, and a battery that can last for up to 75 miles between charges.
Vintage Electric ebike

Vintage Electric’s Café ebike blends classic ’50s design with 21st-century tech

Vintage Electric redefines what an ebike can look like with a retro styling of its new Café model, which features a 60-mile range.
electric mountain bike races sea otter classic seaotter2

Rev your bikes: Sea Otter Classic hosts second annual electric mountain bike race

For the second year in a row, the Sea Otter Classic hosted an electric mountain bike race which fielded more than 70 different racers.
espin sport review 13031 ebike main1

Espin Sport Electric Bike Review

Our Espin Esport electric bike review wasn’t supposed to include crash testing, but the sturdy pedal-assist commuter held up like a champ.
neematic fr1 ebike t

Get the best ride on the trails with Neematic's first electric mountain bike

Neematic is the latest newcomer to the world of ebikes. Its FR/1 electric bicycle mixes a mountain bike and dirt bike for offroad fun.
electra ebike townie commute go loft bosch

Electra launches its latest two ebike models for cruising the town

Electra is leading the ebike revolution in the U.S. with not one, but two new electric bikes, the new Townie Commute Go and Loft Go models.
gazelle electric bike usa e bikes us featured

Gazelle looks beyond the Netherlands to the U.S. for the next ebike revolution

Popular in Europe, Netherlands-based Gazelle is is trying to establish a stronghold in the United States with its electric bike lineup.
jetson adventure ebike

Jetson's Adventure looks like a normal 21-speed bike but has hidden power

Using a battery hidden in the frame, the Jetson Adventure ebike matches pedaling effort for speeds up to 20 mph and a range of 50 miles.
flash ebike commute

Flash-forward to an electric bike packed with intelligent features

The Flash ebike has both battery-only and pedal assist modes in a sleek design packed with smart electronic security and operations features.
specialized turbo vado first take ova0015  1

New pedal-assisted ebike from Specialized lets you work up a sweat or ease your commute

The latest Turbo-outfitted electric bike from Specialized, dubbed the Vado, makes commuting a breeze and, if you can believe it, a blast.
strom electric fat bike stroem 12

Strom is an electric fat bike fit for a viking

Strom is a fat ebike built for commuting and casual riding. A beefy battery and a strong motor make sure each daily journey is a breeze.
specialized vado turbo 5 3

Specalized's new ebike is designed to hide the motor and battery inside of it

Specialized's Vado Turbo 5.0 ebike stealthily hides its battery and motor inside its frame, giving it a look that resembles a standard bike.
bosch emtb mode ebike

Bosch’s ebike motors can now provide graded pedal assistance to riders

Bosch's new software promises to improve how a bike equipped with the proper motor handles pedal assist during off-road riding.
weebot aero ebike weebotaero01

French startup develops Aero, a foldable ebike that collapses in three seconds

By optimizing speed and efficiency, the Aero eBike is an ideal way to commute. When it needs to be carried, Aero folds up in 3 seconds.
outlaw tracker ebike electric bike t

Vintage Electric and Emory Motorsports team up for a Porsche-inspired ebike

The latest ebike from Vintage Electric is the Outlaw Tracker. Built in collaboration with Emory Motorsports, it shares some Porsche elements.
hi power cycles revolution m hpc

Hi-Power Cycles gives the Revolution M ebike a substantial revamp

Hi-Power Cycles unveiled an upgraded version of its Revolution M flagship ebike, increasing its range substantially.
riese muller delite ebike 1

This Riese and Müller Delite ebike is built for riding on and off the road

The Delite promises to be the SUV of ebikes by transitioning from touring to off-road thanks to its construction and long battery life.
the load ebike riese and muller 17  t

The Load is an ebike built for a full day of running errands

Riese & Müller has developed The Load. As its name implies, The Load features a large loading area that can handle a wide range of uses.
superpedestrian copenhagen wheel ebike 2

The latest Copenhagen bike wheel gives you 10x more pedaling power

The new Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian turns any bike into an e-bike. The wheel is compatible with most bikes.
propella 2 e bike cycling outdoors version

Propella introduces a lighter, more agile e-bike to attract more traditional cyclists

izip e3 peak ds bike 4

IZIP tempts mountain bikers into going electric with full-suspension ebike

iZip's new E3 Peak DS electric mountain bike is a full-suspension model designed for a comfortable ride on the trail.
xstrada ultra fat bike indiegogo xtrada featured 2

XStrada Ultra Fat Bike brings the pedal power of an ebike to backcountry riding

Xstrada's Ultra Fat Bike mixes the power of a dirt bike with the performance of a fat tire bike to deliver the ultimate mountain bike.
voltinator ebike t

Going off road can be a lot easier and less tiring with the Voltinator ebike

Risse Racing Technology has created the ebike with an attitude. The Voltinator is an electric mountain bike built for rough conditions.
moar ebike indiegogo unibody rear frame rack

This folding fat-tire ebike does 85 miles on a single charge, and also fits in your trunk

A new feature-packed electric bike is making its case for being your ride of the summer. And based on these specs, who are we to argue?
volta ebike screen shot 2017 03 01 at 10 12 53 am

Volta ebike from Pure Cycles packs 40 miles worth of self-riding power

Meet the Volta, an ebike that promises to be everything you've ever wanted and more out of two-wheeled transportation.
spero milltex ebike 1

Crowdfunded ebike provides an affordable way to go green in India

Milltex has created Spero, an affordable, no-compromise ebike for the Indian consumer. Either ride along or manually pedal to recharge.
munro motor e bike gorgeous retro with battery

Munro Motor single passenger ebike tops out at 28 mph and infinite style points

With a nod to Indian Motorcycles and the rider who set a land speed record on an Indian, Munro Motor introduces a beautifully styled e-bike.
ups delivery ebike 1

Your Next Package Might be Delivered by a UPS eBike

If you live in the Portland metropolitan area, chances are you’ve witnessed UPS’ delivery eBike delivering packages around the city.
espin pedal assist ebike flow with pack

Help the environment on your way to work with an Espin ebike

Bike commuters know about sweaty work clothes. It's something that nearly one million bike commuters deal with. With the Espin ebikes, say goodbye to sweat.
vektron ebike 2

The Vektron folding ebike sets up in 10 seconds and has an 80-mile range