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samsung galaxy watch 42mm weather widget

Get this renewed Samsung Galaxy Watch for $130 less on Amazon on Labor Day

Want to stand out in a crowd that predominantly wears and uses Apple tech? Check out the Samsung Galaxy Watch, our choice for the best smartwatch for Android of 2019. It is exceptionally stylish and boasts accurate fitness tracking, a gorgeous display, and superb battery life. Get it for $130 less on Amazon this Labor Day.
lenovo tab 4 10 inch tablet amazon deal

Snag this 10-inch Lenovo Tab 4 for $130 on Amazon ahead of Labor Day

The tablet landscape is dominated by the iPad, followed by the Fire tablets, then the Galaxy Tabs. Besides these, not much else has caused a stir. Enter the Lenovo Tab 4. It may not boast the top-end specs of more premium tablets, but it’s fast, has a great battery life, and is affordable. Get it ahead of Labor Day for $130 on Amazon.
fitbit charge 3 review mem2

Keep active and get a refurbished Fitbit Charge 3 on Walmart for 25% less

The Fitbit Charge 2 has long been the company’s bestselling fitness tracker. Affordably priced and filled with health features, it has now been upgraded through the Fitbit Charge 3. It basically still does the same things but has been made better with a more refined fit, functions, and accessories. Get it for only $112 on Walmart.
lg stylo 4 smartphone amazon deal

Snag this incredible yet affordable LG Stylo 4 phone for just $250 on Amazon

People are so focused on LG’s flagship G and V series that they forget about the company’s low and midrange phones, like the LG Stylo 4. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it has a built-in stylus and runs on Android Oreo 8.1. Their difference? A Stylo 4 costs a quarter of a Galaxy Note 9. Get it for just $250 on Amazon.
best fitbit deals

Work out in style with this Fitbit Blaze smartwatch, now 21% less on Walmart

A lot of smartwatches nowadays are being marketed as fitness trackers as well. Aside from receiving smart notifications, these watches boast robust fitness tracking that makes them essential devices for the health-conscious. One such watch is the Fitbit Blaze, the company’s first smartwatch. Get it on Walmart for just $159.
Sony WH-1000xM3 headphones

Sony’s best noise-canceling headphones get a sweet discount at Walmart

There are a lot of headphones on the market that promises great sound performance and effective noise-canceling, but not everything truly delivers like the Sony WH-1000XM3. These universally acclaimed wireless cans blend killer sound with outstanding noise cancelation. Get them for $298 from Walmart.
Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless

Work out in style with the Powerbeats3 earphones, now 40% less on Amazon

The Beats brand offers sleekly designed products with an aesthetic that's irresistible to youngsters. Now the brand is owned by Apple, so you can count on improved hardware and software capabilities. One of their most popular offerings, the Powerbeats3 wireless earphones, is available on Amazon for $119.
55 inch lg c9 series oled tv amazon deal

Get this stunning 55-inch LG C9 OLED TV for a whopping $902 less on Amazon

As far as premium TVs go, there’s one that truly stands out because of its precision lighting and ultra-slim design: OLED TVs. One of the companies that has set a high standard in making superior OLED TVs is LG. Right now, the 55-inch C9 OLED TV is available on Amazon for $1,597.
samsung galaxy a50 a20 and a10e 2019 news front

Grab the terrific Samsung Galaxy A50 phone for $126 less on Amazon

Samsung is mostly known for its premium Galaxy S and Note Series phones, but it also manufactures more budget-friendly fare through the A and J-Series. An example is the Samsung Galaxy A50, a solid phone that not only looks great but also boasts a lot of neat features. Get it for $274 on Amazon.
samsung galaxy a10 smartphone amazon deal

Looking for a good cheap phone? Get the Samsung Galaxy A10 for $145 on Amazon

Samsung introduced its A-Series lineup earlier this year, featuring phone models from the low-end to the mid-tier level. One of its cheaper phones, the Galaxy A10, is perhaps the most watered down when it comes to specs but still boasts enough workable features that make it recommendable. Get it for $145 on Amazon.
fitbit versa lite amazon deal

Track your progress with this renewed Fitbit Versa Lite for $110 at Walmart

Fitness trackers provide you with a clearer understanding of your physical well-being without the need to see a physician. Like tiny doctors you wear on your wrist, they can measure your vitals, step count, calories burned, and more. A great and affordable fitness tracker is the Fitbit Versa Lite, now $110 on Walmart.
Samsung Galaxy A9 hands-on

Snag this fantastic unlocked Samsung Galaxy A9 for $100 less on Amazon

Samsung and Apple have been competing in the war of smartphone supremacy for a long time. Samsung, however, has given the public a wider range of phone models that span from the dirt cheap to the high-end. One of its mid-tier offerings is the Galaxy A9, a premium looking phone with lots of nifty features. Get it for $347 on Amazon.
Garmin VivoActive 3 Music

Get moving with Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 multisport smartwatch for $220 at Walmart

Right now, Garmin is most famous for making fitness trackers, wearables meant to compete with tech giants like Apple and Fitbit. One of their recent offerings, the Garmin Vivoactive 3, boasts a gamut of features geared towards the wellness-minded and is available at the very reasonable price of $220 on Walmart.
vizio m series quantum tv 55 inch amazon deal

Amazon drops a killer deal on the 55-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum smart TV

Samsung started selling QLED TVs to rival the widely popular OLED TVs. This display technology runs using quantum dots and is supposed to be brighter, more colorful, and power-efficient, Vizio recently licensed this and is now offering its own line of QLED TVs with the M-Series Quantum. Get the 55-inch version on Amazon for $598.
tcl samsung 55 inch 4k tvs amazon deal ultra hd 5 series roku smart led tv

Walmart cuts the price of the 55-inch TCL 4K 5-Series Roku TV to $378

HDR displays heighten a picture’s dynamic range and deliver darks and brights that are more pronounced. That is why 4K HDR TVs are very expensive because of their impressive picture quality. Then along came brands like TCL and Vizio, offering 4K TVs for less. You can get the 55-inch TCL 5-Series Roku TV for just $380.
whistle 3 gps pet tracker amazon deal

Locate a runaway pet with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker, now $64 on Amazon

A good way to monitor your pet’s movements is through a GPS tracker. One of the most reputable companies that make pet GPS trackers is Whistle. Their latest tracker is the Whistle 3, which is available on Amazon for only $64 as an early Prime Day deal. It’s normally sold for $80, so you get a cool $16 savings.
sennheiser hd1 wireless review pink floyd headphones full1

Listen in luxury with Sennheiser’s HD1 headphones for $112 less on Amazon

The perfect way to tune out of your noisy environment and enjoy music completely unbothered is through noise-canceling headphones. Luckily, there are a lot of great pairs that offer excellent sound quality and the best in audio tech, like the Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones. Get a pair for $287 on Amazon.

Get your kid the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $150 less on Amazon

Looking for an 8-inch tablet that your child can use? The first thing that popped in your head is probably the iPad Mini. While the Mini is undeniably great, it does come with a hefty price tag. For something far more affordable that won’t make you weep, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, now $148 on Amazon.
lg v35 thinq on wood

Amazon drops $150 off of the fantastic LG V35 ThinkQ notch-less smartphone

Although aesthetically pleasing, playing videos on notch display phones has become a loathsome experience because the notch blocks the screen. One of the handfuls of phones that thankfully did not copy this trend is LG’s V35 ThinkQ. Order it on Amazon for $300, $150 below its usual price of $450.
garmin vivomove hr hybrid smartwatch amazon deal

Wear the elegant Garmin Vivomove HR Hybrid smartwatch for 15% less on Amazon

Wearables are coming into their own and are looking less like traditional timepieces. They come in all shapes and sizes. While that's not bad, some people still want a smartwatch with a more orthodox façade, like the Garmin Vivomove HR. You can wear it on a run as well as in the boardroom for $170 on Amazon.
best headphones prime day 2018 sony wh ch700n

Walmart slashes 35% off these great Sony noise-canceling wireless headphones

When it comes to making great headphones, Sony is one of the leaders of the pack. It has mastered the art of making audio equipment that would please any discerning audiophile while adding improvements. A great pair of noise-canceling headphones is the Sony WH-CH700N, now $130 on Walmart.

Be cool in school with Beats Solo3 headphones, now $135 less on Walmart

Apple acquired Beats back in 2014 for $3 billion, and henceforth, all Beats products launched have been spruced up with a bit of Apple magic. A prime example is the Beats Solo3 Bluetooth headphones, which boasts excellent wireless capability, good sound quality, and terrific battery life. Get a pair for $165 on Walmart.
sennheiser hd 650 review  alternate

Snag the Sennheiser HD 650 open-back headphones for $181 less on Amazon

Open-back headphones offer a more “realistic” sound experience. They let in a certain level of outside noise which some people prefer, and listening to music through them is like listening to music in your room. One of the best audiophile headphones of this kind is the Sennheiser HD 650, now worth $319 on Amazon.
An Epson EcoTank model.

Snag the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 wireless inkjet printer for $100 less on Amazon

School is about to start again and you might need a new printer. A good printer means the convenience of printing at home, and the best ones are multifunctional, capable of scanning, photocopying, faxing, and more -- like the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 inkjet printer. Get it for $400 on Amazon.
bowers and wilkins px headphones amazon deal

Amazon slashes prices on Bowers and Wilkins’ noise-canceling headphones

Looking for a pair of premium headphones that ooze style and can effectively block out unwanted noise? British audio tech company Bowers and Wilkins is a good place to start. The company’s very first pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, the Bowers and Wilkins PX, are currently available on Amazon for $300.
harman kardon onyx studio 3 bluetooth speaker amazon deal

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 Bluetooth speaker is a steal at 69% off

Harman Kardon embodies luxury and sophistication, a company known to put forth minimalist and classy audio tech with superior sound to boot. The third iteration of the Onyx Studio speaker line is no exception. It boasts premium looks combined with exquisite acoustics, making it a great value for your money. Get it for $140 on Amazon.
campark act74 action camera amazon deal

Capture stunning shots with Campark’s ACT74 action camera for just $43 on Amazon

Summer is the perfect time to go on an adventure. Of course, you might want to preserve those memories forever by capturing them in photos and videos. Those moments should be shot with an action camera that can record in wide-angle, because without the scenery, what’s the point? Like the Campark ACT74. Get it for only $43 on Amazon.
Google Pixel Slate Hands-on

Get the Google Pixel Slate 2-in-1 tablet for an incredible $250 less on Amazon

The Google Pixel Slate is a 2-in-1 device that boasts the mobility of a tablet and the computing functionality of a laptop, wrapped in a premium package that’s meant to compete with Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Get one for a massive $250 (31%) off on Amazon. Pay $549 instead of its usual price of $799.
Michael Kors Access Sofie press feature

Get the uber-chic Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch for $178 off from Amazon

Michael Kors, the American fashion designer, has been making ready-to-wear clothes and couture for the sophisticated woman over the past few decades. His company has branched out into making wearables, including the uber-chic Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch, which you can get for $217 on Amazon.
razer blade stealth ultrabook amazon deal

Play hard with the Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook, now $300 off from Amazon

Time was, if you wanted to play a PC game, you had to use an actual PC. Desktops are bulky, but they can be upgraded with the best graphics processors for you to enjoy games glitch-free. Now, you can play graphically demanding PC games on laptops, like the Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook. Get it on Amazon for $1,300.
zojirushi 6 quart multicooker amazon deal

Cook meals of all types with this Zojirushi multicooker, now 30% off from Amazon

Zojirushi is one of the oldest Japanese manufacturing companies, and the maker of quality kitchen appliances like bread machines, rice cookers, and multicookers. One of its offerings is the Zojirushi multicooker, a heavy-duty cooker that boasts multiple functionalities. Get it for $175 on Amazon.
megacra sound bar deal 1

Upgrading your home theater? Amazon discounts this Megacra soundbar to $70

You should never settle for the mediocre sound that your TV provides. Even the latest high-end smart TVs don’t offer quality audio output from their built-in speakers. the solution is a soundbar, like the 38-inch Megacra soundbar. Normally $100 on Amazon, you can get it for $30 less right now.
Beats pill

The Beats Pill+ portable Bluetooth speaker gets a big $70 discount

There’s still time to head out and take in some summer sun. The best way to enjoy a day on the beach is with your favorite tunes providing the soundtrack. If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker, the Beats Pill+ offers top-notch sound quality and is available on Amazon for $110.
samsung 49 inch qled q60 tv amazon deal

Amazon’s Samsung 49-inch QLED 4K TV deal drops $250 off the price

4K TVs provide a superior viewing experience through extremely high pixel count – four times higher than 1080p TVs – that provide stunningly vibrant colors, superb contrasts, and unparalleled sharpness. A great 4K TV is Samsung’s 49-inch QLED Q60 Series smart TV, now $748 on Amazon, $252 below its usual $1,000.