Google confirms: Chrome OS is getting Android apps and the Play Store

The Google Play Store -- and almost all its Android apps -- is coming to Chrome OS, Google's confirmed. It'll speak on the integration at a 2016 I/O development session later this week.

Brother’s new INKvestment printer comes with enough ink to last 2 years

Brother has launched new printers that use cartridges that provide larger page yields and are less-expensive to buy. Targeting home officer users, the new INKvestment series includes a model that comes packaged with two years of ink.

Cortana for Android syncs notifications, lets you leave your phone in your pocket

The Cortana app for Android adds new notification settings that, when enabled, mirror messages about incoming phone calls, texts, and more on your PC. The features are live for Windows Insiders right now, with a broader launch expected in…

Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D are strange bedfellows on the Xbox One console

A developer has ported DOSBox over to Microsoft's universal app platform for Windows and shows that Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D, and a Super Nintendo emulator can run on the Xbox One. The framerates are rather slow right now but…

Chromebooks sales soar past MacBooks for the first time ever, according to analyst

Apple's MacBooks have fallen behind Google's Chromebooks for the first time since both platforms have been available, according to an IDC analyst. Schools are said to be a prime driver of the Chromebook's growth.

Google's new processor fast-forwards machine learning technology

Google's TPU chip was briefly mentioned at the company's I/O conference on Wednesday, but now a blog post from engineer Norm Jouppi has gone into detail about the capabilities of the processor.
Product Review

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Ultrabook Review

Cheap but sturdy, Lenovo's ThinkPad 13 is the cast iron skillet of laptops.

Adobe rebrands ‘storytelling’ apps for iOS, launches new web-based version

Adobe Spark is the new name for its storytelling apps, a trio of tools for non-designers to create impactful visual content easily and quickly. In addition to iOS, Spark is available as a web-based version.

Memory hole: Google battles back against France over right to be forgotten

As the battle between France and Google over the "right to be forgotten" rages on, the company has submitted an appeal to the Conseil d'État, France's supreme court for administrative justice.
Virtual Reality

Slap Leap Motion’s mounting kit on your Rift or Vive for hand-free VR

The Leap Motion is now the most supported motion controller for Virtual Reality, as with its newly released mounting system, it's compatible with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as OSVR platforms and other unnamed headsets.

"We are sorry!" TeslaCrypt ransomware authors release decryption key

The makers of the TeslaCrypt ransomware have seemingly given up on causing chaos for internet users and released the decryption for the ransomware for free to all its victims along with an apology to everyone.

Leaked images suggest Siri is coming to a Mac near you this fall

Siri's been on Apple's mobile devices for nearly five years. Now new leaked information suggests that the popular digital assistant is set to debut at WWDC next month, and in Mac OS X this fall.