How to send free text messages from your PC

Texting is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you always have to have your phone handy. Here are the best ways to send text message from your computer, whether you prefer to use your favorite email client or Windows 10.

Google's Project Zero publicly shames Malwarebytes for poor update security

Malwarebytes updates are offered over un-encrypted HTTP, which Google's Project Zero says leaves users vulnerable to attack. A fix is reportedly on the way.

Did you think three monitors was a lot? Matrox's new video card can handle three times as many

While the 4GB PCIe video card is unlikely to end up in any gaming rigs, its set of nine Mini-HDMI outputs is perfect for digital signage, video control booths, security offices, and insane PC enthusiasts.

Fifty bucks for a 120GB SSD? OCZ revamps its budget drives

OCZ has updated its Trion line of solid state drives, offering a 120GB SSD for just $50, with read speeds of 550 megabytes per second. Capacity goes up to 960GB, which is priced at just $270.

Performance art: Google USB Type-C cable reviewer fries his own Chromebook

RIP Benson Leung's Chromebook. The Google Engineer has had to halt his crusade to find all of the worst USB Type-C cables out there, after the latest one, a Surjtech Type-C to Type-A converter fried the controller in his Chromebook Pixel.

Dell’s Ubuntu-Flavored Skylake XPS 13 expected to ship soon

Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition will be no exception. In fact, it will be the only compact Linux laptop using a Skylake chip from the top five PC makers in the world. And it's close to shipping.
Product Review

NextDesk Terra standing desk Review

We give a standing ovation for NextDesk's Terra, our favorite high-tech desk.

Skyrmions could be the path to faster, denser hard drives

There's a good chance that you've never heard of a skyrmion before today, but these miniscule vortex-shaped particles could potentially be the key to tomorrow's storage solutions.

Want a Kangaroo mini PC with double the RAM and storage? You can buy one now for $170

The Kangaroo Plus mini PC packs 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage into a tiny form factor for $170, but with one major concession -- you have to install the operating system yourself.

A congresswoman who’s combatting ‘swatting’ just got swatted herself

Congresswoman Katherine Clark is now living proof of the premise that no good deed goes unpunished. The politician, who has championed legislation that would make "swatting" a federal crime, has now fallen victim to the practice herself.

Most hated ISP in the U.S. is now offering faster broadband

If you live in one of a few select cities, Comcast is now offering two high-speed options. 18 million homes now have access to 2Gbps fiber connections. If you have traditional wiring, you could also opt for a 1Gbps cable connection.

Apple’s latest patent could let you type without a keyboard

If this patent makes its way into Apple's production, it could mean new support for close proximity gestures on future iPhones, or even a virtual keyboard and touchpad for Apple devices.