Use this tool to help you decide if the news you're reading is the real deal

In an attempt to make fake news a bit more ... flashy, a team from TechCrunch Disrupt London has created an algorithm that tells you when that "news" you're ready is not as newsy as you may think. It's called
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Will AI built by a ‘sea of dudes’ understand women? AI’s inclusivity problem

The programs written today will inform the systems built tomorrow. If designers all have one worldview, we can expect equally narrow-minded machines.

A really simple guide to really simple syndication (RSS)

With such a massive torrent of media being produced each day, it's tough to keep up with your favorite sites. So how do we solve this problem? The answer is simple -- really simple in fact. Here's what you need to know about RSS feeds.

How to turn any YouTube video into an animated GIF

GIFs are phenomenal way to provide your audience with brief snippets of a larger YouTube video. Here's how to making them using YouTube or GIF Maker, a web-based service that lets you add effects and make additional tweaks.

Following a hack, Russia Central Bank loses $31 million

Following a hack on its central bank, it would appear that Russia is now short about $31 million. On Friday, the financial institution announced that a breach resulted in the theft of 2 billion rubles, or $31 million.

The presidential commission on cybersecurity has suggestions for Donald Trump

When Donald J. Trump takes Barack Obama's place as the President of the United States, cybersecurity will be among the first issues he'll need to address, the Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has announced.

Best product key finders: How to find that missing software license for free

Missing product keys getting you down? We've chosen some of the best software license and product key finders in existence, so you can locate and document your precious keys on your Windows or MacOS machine.

Mayoral suggestion to name Parisian street after Steve Jobs causes quite the stir

It seemed like an innocuous enough suggestion, but a proposal from the mayor to name a street in Paris after late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has really ruffled some feathers.

Customers took a stand against Windows 10’s aggressive upgrades – and won

One man threatened Microsoft over the Windows 10 upgrade promotion that automatically upgraded a PC owned by his grandfather. Surprisingly, he won, and his case shows what goes wrong when automatic updates become too aggressive.

Not sure which leader to pick in Civilization VI? We’ve tallied up their strengths

For experienced players and newcomers alike, Sid Meier's 'Civilization VI' can be overwhelming. Check out our guide to each of the 19 cultures and their respective leaders to get a leg up on the competition and achieve world domination.

Lock your Mac instantly, or automatically, with these tips

Want to protect your Mac when you walk away? Here's how to make sure the lock screen appears, either automatically, or through the use of shortcuts.

Seagate’s portable storage device automatically syncs files to Amazon Drive

Seagate has a new external drive for Windows PCs and Macs that specifically targets Amazon Drive users. It automatically syncs files to the cloud once connected, thus smartphone photos and videos will automatically show up on the external…