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Turn off the dark with this mirror that scatters sunlight around the room

If parts of your home are dark even during the brightest part of the day, Lucy, a smart mirror, will redirect the light. It tilts its mirror to follow the sun and shuts itself off at night.


Want to track something? You can repurpose Amazon Dash buttons

There was a lot of skepticism when Amazon introduced its $5 Dash buttons. Instead of using them to buy diapers, one guy repurposed them to keep track of when his baby wakes up at night.


Dine and dance: Munchery and Google Play pair meals and music

What do you listen to during dinner? Munchery and Google Play Music paired up to curate playlists based on what food the meal-delivery service is serving up that day, though only for a limited time.


Google Project Sunroof shows how much solar juice is on your roof, no math needed

Enter in your address, and Google's Project Sunroof will calculate how much usable solar energy your house could generate if it were equipped with X number of solar panels.


This Mythbuster’s tool station is a model of efficiency

Adam Savage doesn't like to waste time. The Mythbusters star wants all his tools right where they should be, which is why he built himself a handy shelf, with a place for everything, and everything in its place.


Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


When Airbnb experiences are more mediocre than mortifying

The sharing economy is partly based on people giving honest reviews, but this might not always happen. When you have a negative Airbnb experience but your host was really nice, how do you review them?


Wish your spork also had a knife? Meet the Tritensil

Stick a fork in the spork ... It just might be done, thanks to the Tritensil, which improves upon the design and adds a knife. Just stick to certain foods, and there will be more room in your picnic basket.


In Spain, restaurants and residents take their leftovers to a communal fridge

Got leftovers? Instead of letting them sit in the fridge for weeks, one town in Spain's Basque region has a communal fridge, where residents can leave and take whatever they want.


Unorthodox “Ferrolic” clock displays the time with magnets and ferrofluid

The display creates numbers by switching magnetic fields on or off behind the screen. When these electromagnetic zones are selectively switched on to form the clock's individual digits, the ferrofluid follows and settles into pools wherever the magnetic field…

Cool Tech

The Schlage Connect Deadbolt is like having your own personal doorman

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt combines 95 years of lock making experience with Z-Wave connectivity. Look forward to never having to fumble for your keys again.

  • Pros: Easy to use , Robust Z-Wave feature list , Simple…
  • Cons: Programming without Z-wave difficult , Interior housing is…