The inside of this RV looks part spaceship, part luxury tiny home

Tonight the Travel Channel will air an episode of Extreme RVs detailing Bran Ferren's KiraVan. It's meant to withstand extreme terrain, so he can travel almost anywhere with his daughter.

The BeOn bulb wants to help protect and serve in the event of burglars and power outages

The BeOn bulb has some neat safety and security features, like turning on when the doorbell rings, but they come in a pricey $75 package. It will be interesting to see how smart these light bulbs get.

Who’s afraid of the smart kitchen?

At the 2015 Smart Kitchen Summit, leaders from makers of smart-kitchen devices gathered to discuss how we go from where we are today to a better more intuitive kitchen, one that will solve many problems that we all currently struggle with.

Innit wants to digitize food so you know exactly what to make for dinner

Making your kitchen smart is going to take more than one connected appliance. Innit thinks it comes down to food and building a kitchen that knows what you have and when it's going bad.

Forget combos and key: Noke unlocks with your phone, and it's finally here

Are padlocks with a key slightly boring? How about upgrading to one with Bluetooth, where all that’s needed to unlock it is for your smartphone to be nearby? That’s the Noke — pronounced No-key — and we got an early look at the…
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Hackey is a connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action 2:34

Hackey is a Wi-Fi connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action or gadget, like controlling smart home applications or even completing important actions like sending out notifications or ordering products.
Cool Tech

Grow a garden with your pencils with Sprout World pencils

In an effort to create life out of pencil death, Sprout World is producing plantable pencils that turn into tomatoes, lavender, basil, and much more, so that your pencil can do a lot more than write a message -- it can feed you, too.

Samsung’s bio-processor for wearables can monitor your health and unlock your door

Still not excited about wearables and smartwatches? You're about to be. Samsung's new bio-processor can monitor your health and use an ECG reading to free you of passwords for good.

Subscription service Super aims to take the headaches out of homeownership

Homeownership has lots of unexpected costs, so entrepreneur Jorey Ramer has launched Super, a new subscription-service meant to simplify the experience. The service will handle home care and maintenance for subscribers.

Ikea turns kids’ artwork into toys for its charity campaign

As part of its charitable campaign, Ikea selected designs submitted by children and turned them into hand puppets and plush toys. The toys will help raise funds for various charities.