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From home to outer space, the new Google Earth is full of things to do

Google launched a major update for Google Earth that not only redesigned the interface, but also added rich visual content from partners such as BBC Earth and Sesame Street. Here's how you can easily lose hours exploring the planet.

Can you guess which camera is behind the terrifying shots in Alien: Covenant?

The sleek bodies of GoPro cameras blend in with the futuristic world of Alien: Covenant while creating incredible shots, which helped convince director Ridley Scott to use the action cameras in his latest blockbuster.
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Here's the first, bloody look at the Neomorph debuting in 'Alien: Covenant'

From androids to xenomorphs, here's everything we know about Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott's much-anticipated sequel to Prometheus and the next chapter in the franchise that began with 1979's Alien.
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Comic book geeks get dream docuseries from History channel in ‘Superheroes Decoded’

Every superhero has an origin story and even if you know them, there is more to learn. The History channel will premiere Superheroes Decoded, a two-part documentary on their cultural importance, on April 30.
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Here's everything we know about Marvel’s 'The Defenders' on Netflix

Netflix is bringing together its live-action Marvel heroes for The Defenders miniseries in August 2017. Here's everything we know about the much-anticipated team-up event to get you up to speed.
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Here's a first look at Marvel's 'Cloak and Dagger' TV series, arriving in 2018

Marvel Entertainment has released the first trailer for Cloak and Dagger, the upcoming, live-action television series based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name, set to premiere on Freeform in early 2018.
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Netflix wants us to know who in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez and Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard will voice characters in Netflix's upcoming reboot of Carmen Sandiego, the popular character featured in the '80s computer game and '90s TV series franchises
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Disney’s Star Wars land might be truly interactive, may include themed resort

Disney and Lucasfilm revealed a few more details about their plans for the upcoming expansion of Disneyland and Walt Disney World that will integrate the Star Wars universe into the theme parks.
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Your TV isn't smart enough! Why Roku's Premiere+ is the best way to stream

There are more options for media streaming devices than ever, so it’s harder than ever to pick the best option. But that’s why we're here. Our curated list of the top streaming devices will get you online in no time.
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Big lamp to fill: Will Smith may play the Genie in Disney’s live-action ‘Aladdin’

A new Genie is taking over the magic lamp. Will Smith is reportedly in talks to play the role in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin. Robin Williams voiced the character in the animated film.
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Here’s what’s new on HBO in May, and what’s going away 1:14

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.