Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: $200 tablet showdown

Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

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Google took aim at Amazon and Barnes & Noble today with the release of its slick new Nexus 7 tablet. Produced by Asus, the Nexus 7 sports some impressive technical specs for a device that costs the same as the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. Below is a side-by-side comparison of these three tablets, all of which start at the low price of about $200. At the moment, it looks as though the Nexus 7 is a clear winner in a wide variety of categories — something that very well could change soon if Amazon does decide to reveal the Kindle Fire 2 sometime in July.

Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet $200 tablet showdow

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