Battlefield 3 PC mod is a lesson in awesome

It can generally be accepted that PC gamers are an ingeniously geeky and industrial bunch — and they revel in the distinction. And this awesome Battlefield 3 case mod is a prime example of that.

Brought to our attention by the folks over at Kotatku, the Battlefield rig was originally built by case modder Brian Carter for a Raptr competition — where readers for the gaming site went to great lengths to enter for a chance to win this marvelously modified PC, priced at around $5,000.

Making up this sweet rig is a sleek sniper fan grill surrounding by an explosive amount of LED lighting, military goggle switches, a set of external roll cages and a custom air-brushed Battlefield mural on one side. To top it off, the custom case features an imposing rotating mini-gun and an integrated mini-fridge disguised as a medi-kit compartment to keep your thirst at bay during long gaming sessions.

Great PC case mod, or greatest PC case mod, let us know what you think in the comments below.