SanDisk Adds Outlook Support To Cruzer

From SanDisk’s press release:

SanDisk Corporation today announced that it is bolstering its top-of-the-line Cruzer Titanium USB portable flash drive with two powerful software programs that allow users to carry their important Microsoft Outlook information, access and edit it from other Microsoft Windows-based personal computers, and efficiently back up their files from any source. The programs were designed exclusively for SanDisk and are available only on Cruzer Titanium USB flash drives.

CruzerSync is an advanced Outlook data management software system that synchronizes with an office or home PC. It enables a user to download e-mails, attachments, contacts, notes, calendar items and tasks to a Cruzer Titanium, merely by inserting it into the computer’s USB port. Then, the user can plug the flash drive into another PC, even one that doesn’t have Outlook pre-installed, open the program and view personal Outlook information without leaving “footprints” on the other computer. Returning to home base, the user can update his main system effortlessly with the new data and messages. CruzerSync will be available in six languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Cruzer PocketCache automatically backs up files by means of an innovative data snapshot technology that copies files from a PC and stores and organizes them on the Cruzer Titanium. Unlike conventional backup methods, Cruzer PocketCache retains only the changes that are made to folders or files, once a baseline backup is created, thereby greatly reducing the storage and time required to perform incremental data backups. Snapshot backups are so compact that users can perform hundreds of daily backups onto the same Cruzer Titanium.

“We’ve taken the concept of portable flash storage to a new level, empowering it with software that can make people productive on the road,” said Eric Bone, SanDisk product marketing manager for the Cruzer line of USB flash drives. “Now, you can leave your laptop at home but still carry all of your essential files and business resources. Connect your Cruzer Titanium to most any PC in a hotel, office, school or Internet café and you’re instantly up to speed with the data that you need.”

Cruzer Titanium, which began shipping this month, will come pre-loaded with PocketCache for a free 90-day trial period, with a one-time license purchase price of $20 thereafter. CruzerSync is currently available as a free download from the SanDisk website ( and will be included in future shipments by the end of Q2.
Also, CruzerLock, a file security system that blocks access to your files should your flash drive become lost or stolen, comes with each Cruzer Titanium.

CruzerSync was developed for SanDisk by Dmailer, a French development and technology licensing company that specializes in storage applications for devices and systems.

“We think that the simplicity of CruzerSync will make Cruzer Titanium a must-have item,” said Lucas Leonardi, Dmailer’s general manager. “It’s easy to set up and customize, and it’s password-protected to ensure that all of your personal data is encrypted safely on your Cruzer Titanium, even if it gets lost or stolen. For further security and peace of mind, CruzerSync leaves no files behind. Your Outlook® data remains on your USB drive and is not copied to the computers that you visit. CruzerSync is the perfect solution for professionals on the move. Wherever you go, you can make another computer your own.”

Cruzer PocketCache was created by Kadena Systems, Inc. of San Jose, Calif., which also develops and licenses technology for storage applications.

The ability of Cruzer PocketCache to capture and store only new data reduces storage for documents, presentations and spreadsheets by up to 40 percent, according to Kadena president Larry Kubo. “Big systems have traditionally been the domain of snapshot technology, but what we’ve done is create an application that makes backup very portable and ideal for flash media, ” he said. “You can back up daily for months on the same 512-megabyte Cruzer Titanium flash drive – maybe as much as 700 or 800 megabytes of documents — before reaching capacity.”

Each snapshot provides a point-in-time “picture” of the folders and files that the user has for backup, organized and accessed exactly like they are from Windows® Explorer. Over time, as files are modified and deleted, Cruzer PocketCache creates a complete snapshot history on the tiny Cruzer Titanium flash drive. If a user accidentally deletes a file contained in a previous snapshot, the original can be quickly restored. Simply select the appropriate snapshot from the archive and save it to a disk or hard drive. This restores all folders and files.

Both of the new Cruzer Titanium programs are PC-based. CruzerSync works with Windows 2000, ME, XP Home and Professional, coupled with Outlook 2000, 2002 or 2003 (not compatible with Outlook Express). Cruzer PocketCache is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP Home and Professional. CruzerLock operates with the same Windows operating systems, but requires local administrator privileges for Windows 2000 and XP.

With its attractive and rugged metal casing, Cruzer Titanium has one of the fastest read/write speeds on the market for a USB 2.0 portable flash drive, reading up to 15MB per second and writing up to 13MB per second. Available in a single capacity of 512 MB, Cruzer Titanium is the flagship of SanDisk’s Cruzer line and is available at an suggested retail price of $199.99. Other products in the Cruzer family include the Cruzer Mini and the recently-introduced Cruzer Micro, which is about half the size of the Mini.


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