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This Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal shaves a few bucks off a membership

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Building a library of games is one of the slowest, most methodical, and often most expensive part of a gamer’s journey. $40, $50, and $60 console releases all add up over the years for console gamers. That’s why game passes are so great, you get big variety in games but only have to pay monthly. This is especially true if you aren’t a completionist and prefer to dip your toes into a new game ever few days. In any event, that’s why we’re so happy to see this Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal, which brings one month of the service down to $15 from $17, a savings of about 12%. Just tap the button below to grab the deal and start playing (it’s a code, so there’s no delivery time, you can play as soon as you finish finding your game of choice). Alternatively, keep reading to see more about the deal and see more about why we like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so much.

Why you should try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has hundreds of games to choose from, includes some new games on day one, and gives you access to EA Play. Even hit titles like Starfield were released day one on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so you never know what big title might pop up next. You can play the games on your Xbox console or PC, and the games have cloud gaming access. That means that while one of the best gaming laptops might still be the ideal remote gaming setup, it isn’t required.

There’s something interesting about this deal, however, that you may not notice on first glance. That’s the fact that the three month code (its an option in checkout) is also on sale… but at a worse price conversion. The one month code is about 12% off but the three month code is closer to 10% off. At first glance, it might seem that the one month code is the only deal worth shopping, but strategic shoppers will realize that the three month code will last you until mid-November, when the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals session is about to begin. We don’t feel strongly either way about this, but you should consider all possibilities.

If you’ve made up your mind to pick up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, go ahead and tap the button below. You’ll immediately find the one month code for just $15, down from $17, but can also try the three month code if you prefer. Realize that you’re going to save a ton of money on games over the next month? Check out Prime Day TV deals (some TVs are already on sale) to find a beautiful screen to get your Xboxing on with.

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