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This portable tire inflator is down to just $30 at Walmart today

The Ophanie Portable Tire Inflator.

No one wants to be stuck in the middle of a nowhere because of a bum tire. If you don’t already own a portable tire inflator, do us a favor and take a look at this deal we’ve dug up. At Walmart, you can get yourself an Ophanie 160psi Portable Tire Inflator for just $30. Normally, these little lifesavers sell for $80, so act fast if you’d like to save $50!

Why you should buy the Ophanie tire inflator

A portable tire inflator is a must-have for long car trips, but it’s also the kind of device that everyone should have in the trunk on a regular basis. One of the things we love most about Ophanie’s hardware is its four PSI presets. When inflating (or deflating) tires, you want to make sure you’re as close to your max PSI as possible. Compatible with 195, 65, and R15 tires, the Ophanie will inflate from zero to 35 PSI in as little as four minutes, and can inflate from 28 to 35 PSI in around 40 seconds. 

You can tell by the look of this inflator that it’s built for durability. A tough end-to-end casing and padded buttons ensure that you can use the Ophanie come rain or shine, and at any time of year. Even if you accidentally drop it on the tarmac while getting it set up, a sudden fall from average human heights isn’t going to hurt this little monster. 

The inflator has a cordless design. The included USB cable and 12V DC adapter are convenient connections for keeping the Ophanie’s battery going strong, but you’ll be able to operate it without any hookup to car power. We’re also glad to see the inclusion of three unique inflator attachments. Whether you’re topping off car tires or getting a bike up to snuff, the Ophanie gives you all the tools you’ll need to service your vehicle. 

Portable tire inflators may not get as much attention as some other Walmart deals we’ve found, but we would be remiss to not give the Ophanie its proper fanfare. For a limited time, you’ll save $50 on the Ophanie Portable Tire Inflator when you buy at Walmart. We’ve also got an entire list of cordless vacuum deals for you to peruse, as well as some great generator deals for your next big camping trip.

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Walmart cut the price of this ice maker from $130 to $64 today
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Why you should buy the Kissair Countertop Ice Maker
The Kissair Countertop Ice Maker has a pretty solid capacity, akin to some of the best refrigerator brands on the market, with the ability to make nine blocks of ice as quickly as six minutes or so, depending on the external weather. In the long term, though, it can produce a whopping 26 pounds of ice in a full 24-hour period, which is really impressive for something that's so small. In fact, it's small enough that it takes very little space, measuring 11.22 x 8.66 x 11.73 inches, so it can easily fit in most kitchens, and it even has a carrying handle so you can take it with you to parties.

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Grab this ice cream maker while it’s discounted in Walmart’s sale
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Why you should buy the Ninja CREAMi
The Ninja CREAMi is a pretty interesting device, given that it does a lot more functions than just making ice cream. For example, it can make milkshakes, sorbets, and even light ice cream for those who don't enjoy the heavy creaminess of regular ice cream. Of course, there is a little preparation that needs to go into it, as the first step of any of these is freezing what you want made in the freezer overnight. But that's a simple process, and you get a couple of containers you can use, so you can have them going simultaneously or one after the other. Once that's done, you just stick it in the Ninja CREAMi and choose whatever option you want, and it preps it for you, and that usually involves blending and churning whatever you put in the container.

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