Chrome design update may highlight rounded corners, darkened palette

Google may be looking to update its Material Designs interface design, with the earliest hints of such an overhaul recently appearing in a -- now privatized -- Chromium commit discussing color scheme and tab tweaks.
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Bright idea: Keep your gadgets juiced up with these stellar solar chargers

Looking for a gizmo that can help you charge your phone while on the go? Here, we've outlined the best solar chargers on the market, whether you're looking to charge your phone once, twice, or three times over.

Google is replacing Android’s gun emoji with a water pistol

Google seems to be making the move to change the design of its revolver-style emoji into a toy-like Super Soaker water gun. The change is expected to follow in the next major Android update, Android P.

Google Tasks stand-alone app aims to help you to organize your life

Modern life is busy, and it can be tough to keep on top of everything you need to do sometimes. That's why Google has released a new app, Google Tasks, that aims to help you keep track of your busy life.

The iOS 11.3.1 update fixes unresponsive screens caused by third-party repairs

Apple officially released its latest iOS update, version 11.3. The update brings a number of exciting and essential updates for iPhone and iPad users, including new features to address battery life and throttling issues.

How to use iTunes to make ringtones for an iPhone (any generation)

No one likes to pay for ringtones -- or anything else, for that matter. So keep your precious money and check out our comprehensive guide on how to make ringtones for an iPhone using iTunes.

Google will reportedly kill Play Music when it launches YouTube Remix

Google will launch a new streaming service, called YouTube Remix, later this year -- and when it does it will reportedly put an end to Google Play Music, its current most-used music streaming services.

Xiaomi Mi 6X hints at what’s to come for company’s next Android One phone

Xiaomi has launched the Mi 6X in China, a midrange smartphone that may also give us a hint at what the company's next Android One phone will be like. Here's everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi 6X.

Why can’t Americans buy the best Android phone of 2018? Scaremongers

Despite any evidence of real offense, officials are warning against trusting Huawei smartphones and network products, preventing Americans from buying one of 2018’s best phones. While we should work on preventing risks, we should also be…

I tried Blendle, the ‘Netflix of journalism,’ for a week and went broke — but you might not

Blendle is a service that lets you read articles from popular publications, for a small fee per story. While great for casual readers who want to get around the occasional pay-wall, news junkies could go broke.

The new Opera Touch mobile web browser emphasizes single-handed browsing

Opera launched a new mobile browser, Opera Touch, which aims to make it easier to browse the web with one hand when you're on the go. The company also launched an updated version of the desktop browser.

OnePlus 6 launch event in London opened up to 1,000 of its biggest fans

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 6 on May 16 in London, and it's selling 1,000 tickets to the event. Each person who attends will not only get to try the new phone out, but also walk away with a desirable OnePlus "swag bag."