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gazelle arroyo ebike award elite 2

This ebike is so good it won a prestigious design award

The new Arroyo C8 Elite ebike from Gazelle picked up accolades from the prestigious IF Design Awards, taking home a trophy for its balance and comfort. The bike features extended range, classic good looks, and an affordable price, making it a great option for urban commuters looking to ditch their cars.
shimano electric mountain bike components impressions ebike feat

Shimano’s trail-ripping eMTB tech will make you ditch analog bikes altogether

Shimano makes some of the best electric bike tech in the world, and its new MTB components flex that technological muscle in a big way. Between the intelligent motor, the electronic shifting, and the incredible amount of rider data, the company has everything you’ve ever wanted on the trail.
gm ariv ebike europe the compact design of ar  v ebikes allow for easy transit and mo

With Ariv ebike, GM cycles into a new market

When General Motors launched a public campaign last year to name its new ebike brand, many wondered if Bikey McBikeface might win out. But it didn't. Instead, it's called Arīv, and the two bikes are up for pre-order this week. One is foldable and one isn't, and each has a range of about 40 miles.
limes app based bike sharing service arrives in the uk lime e

Lime’s dockless electric bikes land in London, but its scooters aren’t allowed

Lime has landed in London with its dockless bikesharing service. The pedal-assisted electric bikes are unlocked using Lime's smartphone app and can reach speeds of 15 mph. It plans to have 1,000 bikes on the streets of the capital before the end of the year, with more planned for 2019.
smart cities contend with benefits and headaches of e bikes scooters escooter feature fullwide

Electric bikes and scooters are here to save the world! But here’s the thing …

E-bike and e-scooter usage has increased in popularity with commuters and tourists, but they have also become troublesome for city planners, not to mention dangerous. Providing these two-wheeled alternative transports while keeping users safe, is what smart cities are grappling with.
gm is getting into ebikes and wants you to help name them ebike

GM is getting into ebikes, and it wants you to help name them

General Motors has just unveiled its first-ever electric bikes as part of its efforts to broaden its business and pivot to an all-electric future. To find the best name for the two new ebikes, the automaker has launched a $10,000 public contest. Tip: It's probably not worth suggesting "Bikey McBikeface."
Priority Bicycles Embark ebike

This low-maintenance ebike makes it easy to get into urban commuting

Priority Bicycles has introduced a new ebike model called the Priority Embark that is designed from the ground up to be low-maintenance, making it easier than ever for riders to join the urban commuting revolution. The bike's components were chosen because they are reliable, easy to fix, and durable, limiting breakdowns and repairs.
wau ebike crowdfunding 1

The Wau stands out in the crowded ebike market with its 60-mile range

Launched and funded on Indiegogo, the Wau ebike's high-tech features help it to stand out from the competition, including built-in lights on the front and back, a color LCD touchscreen, and GPS tracking. It also has a range of as much as 60 miles and a pedal-assist speed of 15-20 mph depending on the model.
Riese & Müller ebikes

Commuter, adventurer, or kids’ chauffeur, Riese & Müller has an ebike for you

German ebike manufacturer Riese & Müller has unveiled three new additions to its catalog, including a cargo bike called the Load 75 that has room for an adult and up to three kids. The bike is said to offer 50 percent more cargo space than previous versions while remaining quick and agile out on the road.
Yamaha Wabash e-gravel bike

Yamaha’s new electric gravel bike is ready for rough terrain rides

Yamaha Power Assisted bikes has combined two of the hottest trends in cycling by creating the Wabash, an electric gravel bike designed for adventure. The ebike features an electric drive system and battery pack, and joins Yamaha's existing lineup of power-assisted bikes, with pricing and availability yet to be announced.
yamaha power assist ebikes stores pa 1

Yamaha brings Power Assist ebikes to the U.S. for the first time

Yamaha has announced that its line of four Power Assist ebikes are available in North American cycling shops. This marks the first time Yamaha's electric bicycles have gone on sale in the U.S., as the firm works to build out its partnerships with retailers in an effort to deliver the four models to consumers.
Bosch Kiox ebike computer

The colorful Bosch Kiox ushers in the next generation of ebike computers

The new Kiox bike computer from Bosch is the next generation model for use with ebikes, bringing a full-color screen, rugged Gorilla Glass protection, and Bluetooth connectivity for use with heart rate monitors and other fitness devices. The unit is compact, lightweight, and uses a magnetic holder.
Mate X ebike

The Mate X folding ebike carries a 55-mile range with an affordable price tag

The Mate X is an ebike that launched on Indiegogo, promising a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge, while also delivering 750-watts of power, speeds up to 20 mph, and a price tag that won't break the bank. The model has been so successful in fact that it has already raised more than $2 million.
pirelli city ebike tires cycl e

Pirelli is recycling car tires into ebike tires

Pirelli just introduced its Cycl-e line of tires for electric bicycles. Designed for city use, the new tires come in five varieties as well as a full range of sizes and weights. Pirelli's Cycl-e tires include an element of sustainability because they are made in part from recycled rubber bits from automobile tires.
Stromer ST3 eBike

This ebike has nearly twice the range of the Chevy Volt

The new Stromer ST3 is a high-tech ebike built specifically for urban commuters, offering a range of up to 93 miles and pedal assist speeds of 28 mph. The bike also offers connectivity with smartphones that allows the rider to lock the ST3, activate and alarm, and even locate it using GPS tracking.
analog motion am1 ebike analogmotion

Light on range and weight, the AM1 ebike is the perfect commuter

Weighing just 30 pounds, the AM1 ebike from Analog Motion is a minimal and lightweight commuter bike that won't break the bank at just $665. However, its small battery offers riders just 20 miles in range, meaning it's not built for weekend excursions or long trips to the office.
blix new sol electric bike sol2

Cruise the streets in style and comfort on Blix’s new Sol electric bike

Whether you're just testing out the ebike waters or getting back into riding, you want a bike that is simple, stylish, and comfortable. Blix's new Sol ebike is designed like a beach cruiser meant for your daily commute -- with a low step-through style that makes for easy mounting and dismounting.
Riese & Muller Delite nuvinci

Riese & Muller Delite nuvinci Review

Riese & Muller’s Delite nuvinci looks to create a ripple-effect in the ebike industry by offering a dual-battery, accessory-filled bike perfect for entry level and seasoned riders alike. Though it offers a premium ride, are all the bells and whistles worth the premium price tag? We hopped on one for a month to find out.
GeoOrbital wheel transforms regular bikes into eBikes

Easily transform your boring bike into an ebike with the GeoOrbital Wheel

Transform your regular bike into an eBike in under 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital wheel, an electric modification that snaps on in place of the front wheel.
lapd ebike fleet ebikes feat

The LAPD does its part to cut down on smog, adds ebikes to its patrol fleet

The Los Angeles Police Department announced that it has added 20 electric bicycles to its fleet of vehicles, giving bike-mounted officers the ability to respond faster to emergencies and stay fresher throughout their patrols, thanks to its pedal-assisted 28 mph speed, extended range, and ability to maneuver efficiently through traffic.
gazelle cityzen ebike 2

Take to the streets with Gazelle’s CityZen ebike for urban commuters

The new Gazelle CityZen T10 ebike was designed and built from the ground up to be a commuter bicycle. It features a 500 watt-hour battery and a Bosch electric drive system, which when paired together can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph and a range of over 85 miles, making it a good option for city dwellers.
JackRabbit eBike

The JackRabbit ebike/scooter hybrid is unlike anything else on the road

The JackRabbit is an ebike/scooter hybrid designed for urban commuters. Lightweight and easy to transport, it features an electric motor capable of speeds of up to 18 mph and a range of up to 13 miles on a single charge. The bike weights just 20 pounds but can handle riders up to 240 pounds.
HPC Scout eBike

The versatile HPC Scout is a beast on the road and on the trail

The HPC Scout is a workhorse ebike built for commuting and off-road use. It features three power settings and an optional 2,000-watt motor capable of producing speeds of up to 40 mph on trails, with a range of up to 42 miles with an optional 842 watt-hour battery, all starting at $3,995.
focus paralane2 road ebike 4

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Road and mountain bike manufacturer Focus announced the new Paralane2, a road bike that continues to evolve the electric market by introducing a model that weighs less than 29 pounds but features a detachable motor and battery that can drop its weight down to 22 pounds when those components are removed.
Giant ToughRoad GX E+ review

Giant ToughRoad GX E+ review

Giant’s ToughRoad GX E+ is a jack-of-all-trades fitness bike that can go nearly anywhere you want. Be it gravel trails, paved roads, or cobblestone streets, it lives up to its tough name and offers a smooth and enjoyable pedal-assisted ride no matter the terrain.
vanmoof electrified bikes electrfied 8

Urban commuters can get a pedal boost with two new ebikes from VanMoof

VanMoof took the wraps off two new electric bikes with the introduction of the Electrified X2 and Electrified S2, two new models that offer a range of up to 92 miles with a top speed of 19 mph, while also offering anti-theft features, automatic rider detection, and a matrix display for speed and distance.
Leaos Pressed Bike

Leaos Pressed ebike keeps the weight off without skimping on tech

The Leaos Pressed ebike features a 250-watt, rear-wheel-mounted electric motor; a removable battery pack in the top tube; and tech upgrades such as GPS tracking, smartphone app integrations, an LED lighting system, and cloud supervision -- yet it weighs in at just 31 pounds.
can mountain biking purists be swayed to go electric bmc mtb 12

Electric mountain bikes are turning purist scoffs into smiles

Electric mountain bikes get a bad rap among loyal mountain bikers, but brands like BMC Switzerland can’t afford to look away. While test riding BMC’s new Speedfox amp, we realized there’s much more to electric mountain bikes than what ornery traditionalists let on.
Juiced Bikes Scrambler ebike

Juiced Bikes puts its own spin on the scrambler-style ebike

Juiced Bikes has put its own spin on the "scramblers" style of bicycles by launching three new ebikes on Indiegogo, each with its own distinct characteristics, components, and price points, with 52-volt batteries and a choice of two different electric motors to keep riders moving along on and off road.
Wilier Cento1 Hybrid ebike

Wilier’s new Cento1 Hybrid road ebike weighs just 26 pounds

Bike manufacturer Wilier has taken the wraps off its first ebike the Cento1 Hybrid, which is based on the company's popular Cento1 road bike. The ebike variant uses a rear-hub motor and battery system that reportedly weighs just 8.1 pounds, bringing the overall weight of the bike to just over 26 pounds.
ebikes Mammoth bike park

Some ebikes now allowed at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park in California

California's Mammoth Bike Park will allow ebikes for the very first time when the trails open in May of 2018. All ebikes on the trail will be limited to Class 1 status, which means they must be pedal-assist bikes with a speed limited to 20 miles per hour. A pass is also required to ride at the park.
Vintage Electric Scrambler S

Vintage Electric’s badass Scrambler S ebike is at home on the road and dirt

Vintage Electric's new top-of-the-line Scrambler S on/off-road ebike has a rated 75-mile range per battery charge. Take it off road and set it to race mode for speeds up to 36 miles per hour. The Scrambler S resembles an iconic escape bike from the 1940s but carries a full complement of leading-edge ebike components.
cowboy e bike cowboy01

The Cowboy ebike may usher in the next generation of electric bicycles

The Cowboy bike purports to be the new standard in ebikes, and unlike its compatriots and competitors, doesn't actually look like an electronic piece of machinery. Rather, it just looks like a bike. Plus, it's smart, and comes with a companion Bluetooth app that you can use for navigation, speed monitoring, and more.
Swagtron eBikes

It’s tough to find a more affordable ebike than Swagtron’s latest models

Swagtron, the company behind hoverboards and electric skateboards, expanded its lineup by adding three new electric bikes to its catalog, including two folding models and an electric fat tire bike aimed at the youth market. All three come in at affordable prices, making them more accessible to the masses.