Consumer Reports recommends MacBook Pro after Safari fix and battery life retest

After a bit of back and forth between Apple and Consumer Reports, the product review company agreed to retest the MacBook Pro's battery. After finding a much-improved battery life, the device received a stamp of approval.

New Telegram desktop app may just make users forget about security concerns

Amid concerns over its security, Telegram is hoping to turn users' attention to its aesthetics instead. The new desktop app is titled version 1.0 and is fully redesigned from the original. It features animations and support for themes.
Virtual Reality

Explore the final frontier with Kennedy Space Center's Space Visor VR experience

Most of us will never make it to space, and so it's great to see NASA making investments into bringing their unique subject matter to VR. One such project is underway at the Kennedy Space Center in conjunction with brandVR,
Cool Tech

‘Morphing wing’ drone capable of landing just like a bird

Researchers at the U.K.’s University of Bristol and BMT Defence Services have trained a drone to fly and land just like a bird. The secret? Deep learning machine learning algorithms.

Microsoft’s Windows Hello makes headway, with almost 100 supported devices

Windows Hello is approaching a milestone of sorts, with almost 100 unique devices now supporting the protocol. Microsoft took a few minutes in a blog post to bring us up to date on all of the different ways you can now log into Windows 10.

Microsoft makes it easier to restore shared versions in Office 2016

Microsoft has issued its December 2016 update for Office 2016 users in the Office Insider Slow Ring, adding in the ability to easily restore shared document versions, more easily use the Surface Pen in Excel, and more.

Not so fast! Research shows we’re overconfident at spotting phishing emails

A new survey from researchers in Texas shows that most people get overconfident when they are identifying phishing emails and this leads to several mistakes. The researchers believe the study will help in reducing the amount of phishing…

Microsoft employees sue over trauma they claim was caused by viewing extreme content

Two former members of Microsoft's online safety team are suing the company for trauma they claim was caused by exposure to extreme violent and sexual content that they experienced as part of their work.

Philips says its new curved, 40-inch 4K monitor is the biggest you can buy

CES 2017 was full of great displays, but apparently not every manufacturer chose that particular venue to introduce every new product. Philips, for example, is introducing a new monitor a week after CES ended.

Sarah Connor beware, computers can now distinguish between people with the same name

Teaching computers to do anything takes time and effort, but teaching them how to tell the difference between people with the same names has proved a real challenge. Now though, university researchers believe they may have cracked it.
Virtual Reality

Forget lasers and cameras, Eonite has a VR add-on that tracks everything itself

Camera- and lighthouse-laser-free virtual reality is just a pipe dream for thousands of VR headset owners right now, but Eonite wants to make ti real. It has a working, positional tracking prototype that doesn't need external…

PC shipments were in decline for the fifth year in a row this holiday season

Despite market share growth for Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and HP Inc., reports from Gartner and IDC indicate that PC shipments over the holiday period declined for the fifth consecutive year.