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SOYO Denies Takeover By PC Chips

SOYO Group, Inc., headquartered in Ontario, said the story is erroneous and assures its reseller partners, distributors and customers that the business operations of SOYO Group, Inc. is unchanged.

The quality of SOYO products and services, and the use of “SOYO” brand name now and in the future are not affected, according to SOYO President Ming Chok.

SOYO Group, Inc. became a separate company from SOYO Computer, Inc. in 2002 and is presently traded under the symbol OTCBB:SOYO.

“It is clearly shown in our public announcements that SOYO Group, Inc. is a public company with SOYO Computer, Inc. as a preferred stock shareholder and one of the suppliers,” Chok said.

SOYO Group, Inc. owns and has the exclusive right to use the brand name of “SOYO.” The brand name of “SOYO” will not be taken over by any third party, according to SOYO.

“It is our policy to provide high performance products and high quality products to our customers and this spirit will continue indefinitely. The management of SOYO Group, Inc. confirms that there will be no change to its existing products profile, the quality and services provided, the distribution channels, existing customer relationships and its business strategy,” SOYO’s management team said in a prepared statement.

It looks like DigiTimes.com got ahead of themselves this time around.