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A little girl shows off all the cool features of Japanese bathrooms

If you've never been to Japan, you might not know the bathrooms are a bit different than they are in the U.S. For one thing, they are far more partitioned, which means you don't have to wait for someone to get out of the bath to use the toilet.


Nugget ice is just the tip of the chewable iceberg for GE’s crazed FirstBuild labs

The Opal from FirstBuild is a nugget ice maker, which works by packing together small ice crystals to create nuggets of soft yet crunchy ice. At $500, it's the latest from a company that's turning the home appliance market on its ear.


Keep your smartphone food-free and your friends happy with Ikea’s fun new placemat

Ikea has come up with a solution to whether it's polite to put your phone, face up, on the dinner table or not. Its new placemat lets you keep your phone in sight, without making it too obvious.


Target can now scour your Instagram photos to help decorate your dorm, if you want

Does whatever you like on Facebook contribute to your personal sense of style? According to Target, yes. They want to use college students' Facebook and Instagram profiles to determine dorm-room decor.


A Chinese company assembled this 3D-printed home in just three hours

A Chinese real estate company recently completed manufacturing a 3D-printed home and assembled the finished product in Xi'an in just three hours.

Cool Tech

John Oliver would probably approve of this 3D-printed milk cap that detects spoilage

Do you trust expiration dates when it comes to milk, or do you use the sniff test? Soon, there might be a better way to tell if something's spoiled. UC Berkeley researchers have made a 3D-printed cap that detects when milk has gone bad.


The Mother hub now sounds like running water when you need to take a drink

How much water did you drink today? It's not always easy to keep track of the ounces on your Nalgene bottle, so Sen.se created an app that uses its Mother Motion Cookies to keep tabs on your hydration.


Sweltering through the summer? Researchers say reflective paint on roofs cools homes

Thinking of installing an air conditioner this summer? It might be a better investment to get a new paint job. Researchers at Queensland University of Technology found a reflective roof paint cools buildings by about 36 degrees Fahrenheit.


5 eye-scanning door locks that will secure your home like its Fort Knox

The same technology that controls access to many top-secret government sites can also be super-helpful when you're trying to get in the house with an armload of groceries.


The world’s most expensive vacuum costs a million dollars

Don't Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have gold toilets? They're among the few people in the world who could afford this million-dollar vacuum, which is plated with 24-carat gold.