Xbox One: News and Announcements


Microsoft has finally shown us its hand with the Xbox One, the next generation of console designed to go head to head with Sony’s PlayStation 4. The stakes are high, and the winner could have a spot reserved in anywhere from 50 to 100 million households around the world over the next five to ten years. Whoever takes the lead in the looming eighth generation of consoles will do more than just have the top gaming system around though, it will also help to redefine how we consume entertainment.

Check back with us all day for news and analysis as we separate the facts from fiction, as Microsoft defines its next generation.

Latest Stories

Dark Souls III DLC coming this fall, publisher confirms

From Software's nightmarishly difficult action-RPG Dark Souls III will get its first downloadable expansion this fall, and publisher Bandai Namco confirms that an additional DLC pack will arrive by the end of 2016.

Gamestop executive says new console launches “seem imminent”

During an investor briefing on Thursday, Gamestop COO Tony Bartel told shareholders that a series of new console launches "seems imminent." His presentation also included a slide stating that "Virtual Reality and new consoles are expected…

Frontrunners get a first look at Mirror's Edge Catalyst on April 22

Electronic Arts will give players an early look at its parkour-inspired action game Mirror's Edge Catalyst with a closed beta launching later this month, developer DICE announced today.

Xbox One may slim down in E3 showing, if a Brazilian leak is to be believed

E3 might have more than the usual games to show off this year, if a filing with the Brazilian version of the FCC is anything to go by. It details a new wireless chip, possibly for a brand new design of the Xbox One.

New FCC filings by Microsoft lend credence to rumors of a new Xbox One

Two new FCC filings by Microsoft may point to Xbox One revisions. One appears to be a slimmer version of the model currently on the market, while the other could be a more powerful console.

Eager to see the latest Windows 10 update on your Xbox One? You can expect it in late May, or early June

A tweet from a Microsoft executive has revealed the Windows 10 Anniversary system update for the Xbox One is expected to hit the Preview Program in late May or early June.

EA teases mech FPS sequel Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts gives its first glimpse at the upcoming Titanfall 2 in a new teaser trailer released today, revealing that the game's towering mechs now wield gigantic swords in addition to their characteristic high-caliber…

Gears of War 4 hits Xbox One on October 11

Microsoft's Gears of War 4 will launch exclusively for the Xbox One on October 11th, and players can get an early taste of the action with a multiplayer beta dropping later this month.