Act! now available for Palm OS 5

The free update includes Palm OS 5 support for the newest handhelds including the popular Palm Tungsten device, telephony features which allow customers with Palm OS smartphones to dial directly froman ACT! contact record, and significantly increased database performance.

“Palm phone integration with ACT! for Palm OS addresses one of the top requests I’ve seen from my customers who have either already implemented ACT! for Palm OS or are considering a mobile sales force automation solution,” said Edward Kachinske, president of Innovative Solutions, an ACT! Certified Consultant. “Our customers love the fact that they can auto-dial directly from the ACT! contact record and now that ACT! for Palm works with the fast Palm Tungsten, almost all of my customers will want to implement it!”

ACT! for Palm OS enables individuals to access and update their customer information, while away from their desk or on the road. Up to 60 fields of contact details, calendar activities and to-do items, e-mail histories, sales opportunities and more are all integrated at the contact level. For example, from the daily view, users can tap on a calendar appointment and go to the contact record to review recent notes, completed activities, and upcoming action items prior to a meeting. The product also offers such time-saving features as drop-down menus and pop-up lists, minimizing the need to use Graffiti®.

“We are long-time ACT! users and ACT! for Palm OS is a great new edition for our business,” said Jerry R. Citarella, a senior financial advisor with New England Financial. “It allows me to have all of my information with me when I am out of the office and I can sync it with my notebook and my assistant’s machine so we both have the most up-to-date information all the time. I have added new contacts and other information and the sync worked seamlessly.”

With ACT! for Palm OS, users can:

  • View contact and activity information instantly using rich look-up and type ahead capabilities.
  • Access more than 60 pre-defined and custom fields of contact details. View and enter date- and time-stamped notes and histories from their device. Users can also synchronize up to 10 notes and histories per contact record that were created in ACT for Windows to their device.
  • Dial a contact directly from their contact record when using a Kyocera or Handspring Treo Palm OS smartphone.
  • Receive alarms for upcoming activities as well as single-click access from the daily calendar view of all the critical details associated with the contact and meeting.
  • Work with data at the Group level so users can choose to synchronize specific groups or all of their contacts to their handheld.
  • Manage sales leads from a handheld by entering new opportunities through a customized drop-down list complete with product, type, units and price.
  • Close sales from the device with the actual close date recorded.

“The OS 5 enhanced version of ACT! demonstrates the power and flexibility of Palm OS 5,” said Larry Berkin, director of developer marketing, PalmSource, Inc. “ACT! for Palm OS extends the functionality of Palm Powered devices to provide users with an extremely efficient and convenient way to manage contact data and personal information in a mobile environment.”

ACT! for Palm OS ships with ACT! Express, a limited version of ACT! for Windows that includes an easy-to-use contact database, built-in calendar, word processor and report generator. For existing ACT! users, the product integrates with ACT! 6.0. ACT! for Palm OS can be run on any Palm Powered