Compro Announces New USB 2.0 TV Tuners

Compro Technology will release a full range of the USB 2.0 analog TV solutions called VideoMate Action USB 2.0 that allows users to watch and record analog TV program s on their desktop computer or notebook via a USB 2.0 port.

Two products are included in the Action series: VideoMate Action and VideoMate Action Ultra. The VideoMate Action products are designed with an air/cable-ready TV tuner. Install the VideoMate Action on your PC or laptop’s USB 2.0 port and you’re ready to watch TV in a resizable window, right on your PC screen! Both products are without need of an external power adaptor and suitable for both desktop and laptop users. .

The VideoMate Action is a compact pocket -size USB 2.0 device that allows users to watch TV on their PC screen, in a window or full screen, digitally record your TV shows to your PC’s hard disk, or pause live TV and create your own instant replay.

The VideoMate Action Ultra contains a high performance 3D Y/C separation video decoder chip with 10-bit high performance to offer extreme TV video quality for TV viewing.

Compro also announces a miniature USB TV 2.0 device designed exclusively for notebook users, called VideoMate Tiny. The VideoMate Tiny is the worlds ‘ smallest full function USB 2.0 TV device designed with a SONY mini tuner; the physical dimension is smaller than a credit card.

Compro will also release a full range of DVB tuner solutions which allow users to watch DVB-T and DVB-S TV on a PC screen both on display at Computex Taipei 2004 . Two DVB-T products will be released: VideoMate DTV300 ( DVB-T TV PCI card ) and VideoMate DTV2000 ( DVB-T USB TV box ).

The DTV300 is a hybrid design which supports both analog and digital TV reception. It provides an excellent transition solution to protect your investment migrating from analog TV to digital TV. It brings either Freeview digital terrestrial television or analog TV to your PC! Watch digital TV on your PC screen, in a window or full screen, with excellent digital video quality and near CD quality audio. The DTV300 supports Compro’s exclusive Power Up Scheduling and Remote Controlled Power On/Off Technology .

The DTV 2000 is an external USB device, which brings digital terrestrial broadcasts to your PC or Laptop. Digital reception provides incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality audio.

The DVB-S is a single PCI slot DVB receiver board that brings digital satellite, broadcasts to your PC. Digital reception provides incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio. With the DVB-S, you can watch digital TV broadcasts in a resizable window on your PC screen.

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