Google Confuses Us with Its Charming TV Appearance


Riddle me this, Google execs and PR department: Why did Google choose to market its search engine—probably the only product that doesn’t need advertising—in a very expensive Super Bowl commercial? That, Google, is the only real question we have for you. Why market something that’s already a winner in its space and beyond? Google’s search engine already holds roughly two-thirds of the market.

What about the Nexus One? The new smartphone has not done well in the mobile markets, selling only a mere 80,000 handsets since early January. The Nexus One could use a little bit of advertising—aside from YouTube—don’t you think?

The Wall Street Journal thinks the endearing Super Bowl advertisement was nothing more than Google finally realizing how it can market itself—something the company has steered away from and seemed to do just fine without. In the past year, Google has promoted its new Chrome browser via television and billboard, but that’s about the gist of the company’s advertising campaign. Baby steps, Google, baby steps—you too could have ads featuring Megan Fox and Luke Wilson someday.

In case you missed it, here is Google’s commercial called “Parisian Love.”