Justin Bieber Weaponizes Twitter

justin bieber weaponizes twitter 500x justinbiebertweetcensored

An important lesson has just been learned — never mess with a pop star that has over 4.5 million followers on Twitter. Saturday night, Justin Bieber tweeted a phone number, claiming that it was his own. The tweet was short and simple, “everyone call me 248-xxx-xxxx :) or text”. Within two minutes, more than 100 people had retweeted the message, and soon the phone was receiving non-stop calls and texts.

However, much to the chagrin of Beliebers anxious to talk to their adolescent hero, the number was not his, but instead belonged to Detroit teenager Kevin Kristopik, and the tweeting of his phone number was the teenage celebrity equivalent of dropping a social A-bomb.

It is still a little unclear what Kristopik did to anger the 16-year old Canadian singer, but Business Insider braved the world of Bieber gossip and theorizes that it began when Kristopik hacked the Twitter account of Bieber’s BFF Ryan Butler in order to get Bieber’s phone number. On July 27, Kristopik admitted in a tweet that he was the one to hack the account and get Bieber’s number.

Apparently, Bieber was looking for a little payback, celebrity style, and did so by unleashing the adolescent rage and love of his 4.5 million fans on Kristopik, who received over 10,000 text message within two hours.  He had so many phone calls that his voice box is unable to accept any more messages at this time.