ReadPlease Releases Text-to-Speech Software

From the company’s news release:

ReadPlease Corporation announced the release of the newest version of their text-to-speech software — ReadPlease Natural Voices Edition. This latest member of the ReadPlease family of software is a result of a licensing agreement signed with AT&T earlier this year.

“This is a real advancement in speech technology,” says Rob McCormack, president of ReadPlease Corporation.  “With AT&T Natural VoicesTM Text-to-Speech Engine, your computer sounds human, it is quite simply the best speech technology that money can buy.”

Thousands of people use ReadPlease software and with the AT&T speech engine they now have a voice that is unmatched in quality.  Using the AT&T Natural Voices speech engine, ReadPlease boasts the most realistic, human-sounding synthetic speech available on the market today. Samples of the voice may be heard at

“AT&T Natural Voices TTS engine offers an ideal solution for the PC applications being developed by ReadPlease,” says Lex McCusker, general manager of AT&T Natural Voices software.   “A more natural sounding user interface will enhance the ReadPlease product and help increase user acceptance.”

Anyone serious about using the Internet would agree that there is a great deal of reading from the computer’s monitor.  Many ReadPlease users are finding less eyestrain and muscle strain as they relax letting ReadPlease software read text from their computers.  Additionally, one of the popular applications of ReadPlease software is for proofreading text.

ReadPlease is widely used by individuals with disabilities, such as dyslexia and low vision. The software can also be used as a speech substitute for people who are unable to talk due to a disability.

ReadPlease is only available on CD ROM and may be ordered from the Internet at   Additional languages will be released in the months ahead, starting with Spanish.

AT&T Natural Voices TTS engine is considered to be one of the most human-sounding computer-speech systems in the world.   The award-winning product consists of a text-to-speech “engine” that turns written words into natural-sounding speech, a library of male and female voices in different languages, and the ability to custom develop a voice that becomes the unique property of the customer. 

New languages are being introduced approximately every three months and product enhancements are added on a regular basis.   Headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, the product team leverages the talents and expertise of AT&T Labs, one of the world’s premier corporate research organizations.  Since its introduction, AT&T Natural Voices products are quickly becoming an accepted standard by which all other TTS engines are measured. 

More information about AT&T Natural Voices TTS products can be found at    The Server and Desktop editions of the TTS engine, and all voice fonts should be ordered online at  The Server and WAV File edition engines and custom voice icons must be ordered by phone by calling AT&T Natural Voices’ Help Desk at +1(877) 741-4321 (toll free for U.S. callers), and asking for “sales,” or by calling +1(973) 360-8513.