Sony Vaio GT3/K

Sony Vaio GT3/K front shot

For you camcorder junkies out there, this is something new that Sony has been toying with.   The Sony Vaio GT3/K is 2.4 pounds of notebook that is completely unlike what you have seen before.  This is a notebook / camcorder, 1 part video camera, 1 part Windows ME/2000 notebook.  The GT3/K is likely to be the most unique computer that Sony has put out to date.

It has been reported that Sony never intended to release this prototype to the general public.  Then, there was overwhelming interest at the PC Expo 2000 Tokyo.  It appears that it was quite a show for Sony?s newest product.  Could it have been brilliant marketing or good decision-making?  Either way, Sony is very pleased with the outcome.

As for you typical user, the GT3/K might be a little ?Over Kill? for your home camcorder usage.  This computer / video camcorder hybrid circuitry uses Transmeta?s 600 MHz Crusoe chip for fast performance and a battery life up to 17 hours with the (LLL) cell.

The GT3/K comes with a large HDD, 30 GB hard drive (obviously to leave space for video recording). To enhance the video editing, it?s also comes standard with an ATI Rage Mobility-M1 with 8mb VRAM.  Standard ram on this is 128 but can be increased to 256 maximum.

The camera is a standard 680,000 pixel CCD variable aperture and zoom functionality.  The screen is able to swivel behind the unit to allow you to use it like a DV video camera.  Standard options of full motion video with sound and still photos are available.  Also on the GT3/K, it has integrated ports for FireWire, USB mini-VGA, NTSC, memory stick and more.  The total weight on this is 2.42lbs.

The GT3/K is only in limited production from Sony and you will need to contact them directly if you are serious about buying.  (800-711-6277 or

Sony Vaio GT3/K in camcorder mode


Model:  PCG-GT3/K

Motherboard Features:

CPU:                   Transmeta Crusoe 600MHz

L2 Cache:            512 CPU intergrated

RAM:                   128


HDD:                    30GB Ultra ATA (40GB MAX)

Graphic / Video Features

Chip:                    ATI Rage Mobility-M

VRAM:                 8MB (integrated)

Display:                6.4? SXGA TFT

Resolution:           up to 1024 x 786 pixels @ 16m colors

Sound System

Sound Card:         PCM 16bit audio, integrated stereo speaker


PCMCIA:               Type II x 1 CardBus compatible

Modem:                 56K flex V.90 mini PCI fax/modem

Integrated:       Modem RJ-11 x1; USB x1; iLink (IEEE 1394; 4pin); AV

Ports:               interface (NTSC & PAL); Microphone x1; Monitor x1; PS/2 x1;

Headphone/audio-out x1

Input / Output Devices

Keyboard:           QWERTY 86 Key, 14mm pitch, 1.5mm keystroke

Pointing Device:   Pointing stick with scrolling function

Batter Life:          Standard Battery: 2-5 hours
Enhanced Battery: 4-10 hours
7-17 hours (quad-capacity battery)


Consumption:           37W

A/C adapter              100-240V / 50-60 Hz

Physical Features

Size:                          9.5(W) x 6.1(L) x 1.6-1.7(H) [inch]
241 x 155.5 x 40-44.8 [mm]

Weight:                2.42 lbs / 1.1 kg



Contains:             A/C adapter; standard battery; AV cable; lens cover

O/S:                    Windows ME (option)