Zynga buys ‘Draw Something’ maker OMGPOP for $200M

Draw Something

The rumor is true: Social gaming giant Zynga has purchased OMGPOP, maker of the uber-popular iOS and Android game Draw Something for a reported $200 million. The high-profile acquisition was first reported by TechCrunch, and has since been confirmed by Zynga in a post on the company blog.

“OMGPOP brings to Zynga an incredible team of industry veterans and a community of highly engaged players,” writes Dan Porter, OMGPOP’s CEO, on the Zynga blog. “It’s a great industry example of creating games around the ethos of giving people a place to play, meet and make friends. OMGPOP’s existing mobile and platform games will not change. We fully support what they’ve built to date, and we’re going to work hard to give Draw Something and all of their games the resources and tools they need to grow and flourish.”

In the deal, which is said to have cost Zynga a total of about $210 million, Zynga will get OMGPOP’s entire 40-member team, which is located in New York City. Porter will become general manager and vice president of Zynga New York. And, most importantly, Zynga will get Draw Something, Pictionary-like game that has been downloaded more than 35 million times in a little over a month. According to Peter Kafka at AllThingsD, Draw Something currently brings in around $250,000 a day for OMGPOP (and now Zynga), after Apple snags its 30 percent fee.

This is a big move for Zynga, which built its business with an airtight partnership with Facebook. While that relationship continues to flourish, Zynga recently announced that it will make its popular social games, like Farmville, available outside Facebook, on Zynga.com. And with the buyout of OMGPOP, it’s clear the company is doing everything it can to remain at the top of the casual gaming ecosystem.