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capsule countertop dishwasher cleans disinfects with uv light  portable personal kickstarter 4

This portable dishwasher can go wherever you go to clean and sanitize dishes

No budget or space for a full-size dishwasher? Capsule is a portable dishwasher that can handle daily dishes and bigger pots too.
nanoleaf elements look like wooden light panels

Nanoleaf Elements look like wooden smart light panels on your wall

Nanoleaf Elements are a decorative smart lighting system that look like real wood, with customized backlighting that creates unique effects.
amazon drops the price for ring video doorbell 2 and throws in an echo dot with 4

Ring’s Neighbors app gets more transparent with latest update

Starting the week of June 7, users of Ring's Neighbors app can expect some changes to the real-time crime watch tool. Here's what to expect.
eufy new floodlight camera pan tilt 360 degrees cam 2 pro

Eufy’s new floodlight camera with 360-degree pan and tilt is the ultimate watch guard

Eufy has announced four brand-new outdoor cameras, including one with 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities.
Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Wyze Cordless Vacuum undercuts rivals with ridiculously low pricing

The Wyze Cordless Vacuum is the company's latest addition to its vacuum lineup, featuring dual motors, an LED touchscreen, and three layers of filtration.
Power X measures water, hot water, and electricity usage

Smart homes can save you money, but it goes beyond just monitoring electricity

Power X is a startup out of New York that proposes to turn your hot water heater into a 'battery' by using its stored heat energy more efficiently.
wyze night light senses you in the dark lifestyle 2 of 4

Wyze Night Light senses you in the dark to brighten your path

No need to stumble aimlessly in the dark because the Wyze Night Light will know you're there and automatically illuminate your path.
google teams with matter partnership

Smart home fragmentation may become thing of the past thanks to Matter protocol

Tired of having to use multiple device apps to run your smart home? Google and a handful of other smart tech developers have big plans for unifying smart gear.
google project starline io 2021 news 3d

Google’s Project Starline is a magic mirror to bring 3D video chatting to life

Google’s Project Starline is working to make it possible for you to view a life-sized 3D model of a loved one when communicating with them.
Eufy Security Indoor Cam 2K on table

A Eufy security breach might have shown your home to total strangers

A privacy breach at Eufy resulted in users seeing through other people's cameras and accessing their contact information.
The Google Nest Audio.

5 new Google Assistant features you can try right now

Google Assistant has new features that can help you remember chores, put the kids to bed, and much more.
Enabot Ebo Familybot

Enabot’s new roving camera is like Star Wars’ BB-8 for the home

The Ebo Air and Ebo SE are BB-8-like robots that roam around your home and keep an eye on activity, pets, and relatives.
Proscenic P10 Pro

The Proscenic P10 Pro has Dyson-like features without the Dyson cost

Want to replace the heavy vac you've been carting around for years? Ditch the diesel and upgrade to the lightweight Proscenic P10 Pro 4-in-1 Cordless Vacuum.
swann extreem security camera six month battery life xtreem

Swann Xtreem security camera boasts 6-month battery, heat and motion sensing

The Swann Extreme security camera has a six-month battery life and heat-sensing capabilities to reduce false alerts.
playpulse one has you play video games while workout youngprofessionals

Meet the exercise bike that wants you to play video games while working out

The Playpulse One is part exercise bike, part game console, and part entertainment center all in one.
scout moorebot security robot patrols your home

The Moorebot Scout is a roving security camera robot that’ll patrol your home

The Scout is a tiny, smart A.I.-powered security drone with four wheels and a camera that automatically patrols your home and yard.
coway airmega 250 air purifier perfect size

Not too big, not too small. The Coway Airmega 250 air purifier is just right

The Coway Airmega 250 can purify the air in larger spaces despite a compact size that makes it perfect for studio apartments.
robot vacuum uses triple lidar avoid dog poop 360 s10

Robot vacuum with triple lidar system has eyes to help it avoid poop

The 360 Smartlife S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner promises to never again run over animal poop and drag it through your house.
rise of smart speakers sustainably designed packaging matters amazon echo  4th gen package 1 8

The rise of smart speakers shows why it matters to have sustainable packaging

While the gadgets inside of packages are most important, you'll be astounded by the amount of potential waste from the packaging.
miku pro smart baby monitor tracks sleep breathing mikupro herosand

This contactless smart baby monitor can track sleeping and respiratory patterns

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor tracks your child's sleeping and breathing patterns without any wires or attached sensors.
Apple AirTag close up.

Apple AirTag will track down missing gadgets and valuables for $29

Apple just announced its minuscule, attachable tracker called AirTag during its Spring Loaded event. Now you won't have trouble finding misplaced items.
you can now use google assistant find your iphone my with

Finally, you can use a Google Nest smart speaker or display to find an iPhone

Google Assistant can now find your phone for you, even if it's an iPhone.

This 360-degree pan-and-tilt camera captures 2K video, and it’s only $90

Looking for an indoor security camera? The EZVIZ C6W offers 2K video capture, 360-degree panning, and an intuitive app for additional home monitoring functions.
Apple TV

Apple’s rumored TV box confirms convergence is the key to the smart home

Smart home devices need to serve more than one purpose, with, multiple functions available in every device.
wyze floor lamp brings minilamist style utility wyzefloorlamp 1

Wyze takes a page out of IKEA’s playbook with its minimalist floor lamp

The Wyze Floor Lamp offers multiple brightness levels, a flexible head, and smart control -- all for a low price point.
Ring Floodlight Cam placed on an outside wall.

Radar tech in Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro pinpoints potential threats on map

The new Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is Ring's most powerful outdoor security camera yet, with a suite of customizable home security tools.
Förnuftig Air Purifier

IKEA’s new air purifier is a design masterpiece that won’t break the bank

The IKEA Förnuftig is a budget-priced air purifier that's designed for small spaces and boasts powerful filtration.
The Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum with its laser.

Yes, Dyson’s newest vacuum uses a green laser to see what you can’t

Dyson has launched three new cordless vacuums, including one that uses lasers to pinpoint dust particles.
dreame technologies launches ultra affordable robot vacuums l10 pro detail

Dreame Technology is the next robot vacuum maker you should know about

Dreame Technologies has announced four new products: Three variants of a combination robot vacuum and mop, as well as a cordless stick vac.
best home security cameras under 50 blink mini  1

Free local storage is still an option as Blink launches new subscription fee

Blink's new subscription plan provides more flexibility to customers in terms of cloud storage and cost.
Lenovo Smart Display 7 on top of table

Lenovo Smart Display 7 is still the most underrated smart display

The recent announcement of the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) drives home the notion that the Lenovo Smart Display 7 is the most underrated smart display around.
three outdoor ring accessories provide peace mind smart plug lifestyle

Ring’s three new outdoor home security accessories offer greater peace of mind

Ring introduces an outdoor siren, outdoor smart plug, and a solar-powered wall light to improve your home's security.
pawport smart pet door kickstarter

Pawport turns any ordinary pet door into a smart one

Pawport is a smart, modern pet door that keeps utility costs down and your home more secure.
The Google Nest Hub on a table.

Google Nest Hub still lacks a camera, but it can watch over you while you sleep

The second-generation Nest Hub includes a new Sleep Sensing feature that can track you as you're sleeping and suggest ways to improve your sleep quality.