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miku pro smart baby monitor tracks sleep breathing mikupro herosand

This contactless smart baby monitor can track sleeping and respiratory patterns

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor tracks your child's sleeping and breathing patterns without any wires or attached sensors.
Apple AirTag close up.

Apple AirTag will track down missing gadgets and valuables for $29

Apple just announced its minuscule, attachable tracker called AirTag during its Spring Loaded event. Now you won't have trouble finding misplaced items.
you can now use google assistant find your iphone my with

Finally, you can use a Google Nest smart speaker or display to find an iPhone

Google Assistant can now find your phone for you, even if it's an iPhone.

This 360-degree pan-and-tilt camera captures 2K video, and it’s only $90

Looking for an indoor security camera? The EZVIZ C6W offers 2K video capture, 360-degree panning, and an intuitive app for additional home monitoring functions.
Apple TV

Apple’s rumored TV box confirms convergence is the key to the smart home

Smart home devices need to serve more than one purpose, with, multiple functions available in every device.
wyze floor lamp brings minilamist style utility wyzefloorlamp 1

Wyze takes a page out of IKEA’s playbook with its minimalist floor lamp

The Wyze Floor Lamp offers multiple brightness levels, a flexible head, and smart control -- all for a low price point.
Ring Floodlight Cam placed on an outside wall.

Radar tech in Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro pinpoints potential threats on map

The new Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is Ring's most powerful outdoor security camera yet, with a suite of customizable home security tools.
Förnuftig Air Purifier

IKEA’s new air purifier is a design masterpiece that won’t break the bank

The IKEA Förnuftig is a budget-priced air purifier that's designed for small spaces and boasts powerful filtration.
The Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum with its laser.

Yes, Dyson’s newest vacuum uses a green laser to see what you can’t

Dyson has launched three new cordless vacuums, including one that uses lasers to pinpoint dust particles.
dreame technologies launches ultra affordable robot vacuums l10 pro detail

Dreame Technology is the next robot vacuum maker you should know about

Dreame Technologies has announced four new products: Three variants of a combination robot vacuum and mop, as well as a cordless stick vac.
best home security cameras under 50 blink mini  1

Free local storage is still an option as Blink launches new subscription fee

Blink's new subscription plan provides more flexibility to customers in terms of cloud storage and cost.
Lenovo Smart Display 7 on top of table

Lenovo Smart Display 7 is still the most underrated smart display

The recent announcement of the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) drives home the notion that the Lenovo Smart Display 7 is the most underrated smart display around.
The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug installed outside.

Ring’s three new outdoor home security accessories offer greater peace of mind

Ring introduces an outdoor siren, outdoor smart plug, and a solar-powered wall light to improve your home's security.
pawport smart pet door kickstarter

Pawport turns any ordinary pet door into a smart one

Pawport is a smart, modern pet door that keeps utility costs down and your home more secure.
The Google Nest Hub on a table.

Google Nest Hub still lacks a camera, but it can watch over you while you sleep

The second-generation Nest Hub includes a new Sleep Sensing feature that can track you as you're sleeping and suggest ways to improve your sleep quality.

Apple to ditch its HomePod smart speaker but stick with mini version

Apple is done with its pricey HomePod smart speaker, choosing instead to focus on the smaller and cheaper HomePod Mini device.
Samsung Bot Handy

We don’t need more robot vacuums. What we really need is a dusting robot

The world has enough robot vacuums and mops. What the smart home really needs is a smart dusting robot.
airthings view plus worlds most advanced air monitor  lifestyle kitchen pm co2 web

Airthings View Plus monitors air for particulate matter invisible to the eye

The Airthings View Plus provides a breakdown of the air quality inside your home or place of work, including particulate matter as small as PM1.
emerson sensi honeywell home smart thermostats amazon deal color thermostat press 768x479 c

7 reasons why your AC isn’t cooling your home

Is your air conditioner on but not cooling your house properly? Several different problems can cause this: Our guide will take you through what to check out.
abode launches 30 cam 2 security camera news  on desk

Abode launches a $30 security camera to rival the Wyze Cam V3

The Abode Cam 2 packs high-end features into a compact camera with a low-end price point.
ring video doorbell pro 2 uses radar technology installation 1000x1000

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 uses radar for bird’s-eye view of front door activity

Ring's latest smart video doorbell utilizes radar technology to provide even better home security.
A man uses the Ring app.

Geofencing makes its long-awaited debut with Ring’s products

Ring's Geofence feature will remind you to arm your system when you leave and snooze alerts when you get home.
wyze bulb color inexpensively price news specs primary 3

Upcoming Wyze Bulb Color smart lights have a bright future

The Wyze Bulb Color packs a lot of features into an affordable package. The new 16 million color bulbs will be available soon.
downward facing dog at your nextergo standing desk 07

When standing isn’t enough, the NextErgo will have you doing yoga at your desk

The NextErgo is an A.I.-powered standing desk that keeps you accountable throughout the day thanks to built-in advanced sensors.
gosun dream solar powered tiny home on wheels off grid house render 2

Your off-grid dreams can come true with GoSun’s solar-powered tiny house

The GoSun Dream is a solar-powered tiny home for total off-grid living.
Amazon Echo Show 10 on a nightstand.

Amazon’s Echo command center is yet another display, and I don’t need it at home

Smart displays have a lot to offer, but Amazon's potential Echo command center just doesn't seem like a logical addition to my work-from-home setup.
Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Not at home? Alexa can greet visitors for you on your Ring doorbell

Ring's new Smart Greetings feature allows Alexa to answer the doorbell if you aren't at home.
Amazon Echo Studio Alexa Smart Speaker

Got a song you love on your Echo? Alexa users can now share it with friends

Amazon's new feature lets you share your favorite music with friends. When listening to a song, just say "Hey Alexa, share this song" to beam it to a contact.
Amazon Echo Show 2 Review

Amazon Echo command center could become the brains behind the smart home

Amazon may be designing a wall-mounted Echo command center to control your smart home.
kami dives into 247 professional monitoring home security

Security camera maker Kami dives into 24/7 home security monitoring

Kami and Cove have partnered to offer users a brand-new option for DIY home security and professional monitoring.
connected kitchen future lies in pods photo by adam glanzman for 829

The future of the connected kitchen is just a push of a button away

Connected small appliances like the ColdSnap frozen yogurt maker could impact the future of the kitchen with convenient, personalized desserts.
nanits smart sheet will measure your childs height overhead hero pro sheets

No need to estimate: Nanit’s smart sheet precisely measures your baby’s height

The Nanit Smart Sheet and Nanit Pro camera provide parents with information on their child's height and growth that you can provide to the pediatrician.
A digital security lock.

Smart home technology needs to be more private to handle personal health

With smart home technology that can take personal health information, the encryption and security surrounded data must be stronger than ever before.
The second-generation Ring Video Doorbell installed on a front door.

Competition didn’t force Ring to make a cheaper doorbell. Accessibility did.

Ring created a stir with its most affordable video doorbell to date, but it didn't make the move because of fierce competition in the space.