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The Wyze Air Purifier is quiet enough for use in any room.

The new Wyze Air Purifier offers quiet, efficient filtration

The new Wyze Air Purifier is available today with three different filter options for allergens, wildfire smoke, and formaldehyde.
A worker replanting a tree outside.

Alexa launches Grow a Tree Skill for Earth Day

Amazon teams up with One Tree Planted to help Alexa users easily donate money to the reforestation charity organization.

Remember Essential? An eBay listing shows shelved speaker prototype

Since its 2020 closure, Essential hasn't made many headlines, but a prototype for the canceled Essential Home has surfaced on eBay.
A Peloton guide placed underneath a TV wit a remote beside it.

Peloton Guide lets you monitor your form while strength training

The Peloton Guide is the company's first dedicated strength training device, and also the most affordable Peloton product yet.
The AnkerMake M5 on a desk.

The AnkerMake M5 3D printer brings higher print speeds

Anker has launched its first 3D printer with the AnkerMake M5, boasting speeds up to five times faster than other printers on the market.
Breville Joule Oven Air Fry Pro with app.

App makes Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro truly smart

Breville's first smart oven and app help you cook recipes from test kitchens and Top Chef alums perfectly every time. See what else makes it so smart.
Matter CSA image.

Matter smart home standard delayed until fall 2022

After unprecedented interest in the Matter standard from new companies, the CSA has delayed rollout until fall 2022 for the first batch of devices.
Google Home icon on home screen.

Google Home app to see major redesign

Google has plans to update the Google Home app to make it quicker to manage and control your smart home, with fewer taps.
iRobot Roomba j7+ in dock beside dog.

The iRobot Genius 4.0 update makes Roombas even smarter

The iRobot Genius 4.0 software update has rolled out, bringing with it new features and capabilities.
The SodaStream x Dante bundle spread out across a bar with fruits and drinks.

The SodaStream Art makes cocktails and sparkling water

Sodastream has teamed up with renowned bar Dante to offer an exclusive bundle with its new Art machine.
Logo for Google I/O 2022

Google I/O returns as an in-person event on May 11-12

Google I/O 2022 will return as an in-person event on May 11-12. The event will be livestreamed in front of a limited live audience.
An open Wyze Gun Safe with a hand gun, passport, and other items inside.

Wyze Gun Safe is a Bluetooth-enabled way to protect firearms

Wyze has created a smart gun safe to protect your firearms or vital documents. The safe connects to a phone app and has four different ways to unlock it.
Customers inspect the new Apple HomePod at an Apple Store on February 9, 2018 in San Francisco, California.

Sorry, there’s no new HomePod on the way

Apple said nothing about a new HomePod in today's stream, leaving fans asking when HomeKit will get its next upgrade.
Cana One smart drink appliance in a kitchen.

Cana One aims to one-up SodaStream with bevy of smart features

Cana One is promising a smart beverage system for your kitchen that can mix thousands of different drinks while minimizing waste.
blurams ptz outdoor cam 2k adjusted nearly any angle home wall

The new Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 2K can view most any angle

Blurams has unveiled its new PTZ Outdoor Cam 2K, with two lenses to keep objects near and far in focus from any angle around your home.
Homey Bridge box, smart home, control, universal

Homey delays shipping of new Homey Bridge

Homey is delaying shipping on its new Bridge as it works out bugs discovered in early beta testing.
solar shingles being installed

New nail-on solar shingles offer an affordable alternative to Tesla’s solar roof

GAF Energy has developed an innovative new nail-on solar shingle that's allegedly cheaper and easier to install than Tesla's solar roof system.

From Smart to Genius: How Kidde has the Smartest Smoke + CO Alarm Available

From Smart to Genius: How Kidde has the Smartest Smoke + CO Alarm Available
haxson airfan smart fan now on kickstarter hero

Haxson’s bladeless AirFan blasts cool air and music from your headboard

A Kickstarter campaign has launched for a new fan that includes a Bluetooth speaker, LED light, and air purifier for only $199.
Amazon Astro Robot on a wooden floor.

Amazon reveals the science behind Astro, its new home robot

To mark the launch of its Astro home robot, Amazon has released a video in which engineers who worked on the device chat about how the project developed.
The Ring Always Home Cam and its charging dock.

More than a year later, Ring Always Home Cam goes on sale through invite system

The Ring Always Home Cam will be available through an invitation system. If you're interested, you can sign up today.
pelton tread redesign with safety news specs price peloton lifestyle close

Peloton Tread reintroduced with safety precautions in mind following injuries

Peloton is back again with a redesigned treadmill. After safety issues plagued its previous version, the new Peloton Tread promises to be better and safer.
The Bites 2 Lite device mounted on a wall.

Petcube Bites 2 Lite petcam and treat dispenser can connect you to a vet, too

Petcube is releasing a more affordable petcam with the Bites 2 Lite, a pet device that allows for remote viewing, communication, treat dispensing, and more.
Lidar sensor in the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 working

Lidar is the gold standard of robot vacuum navigation, but it’s not perfect

Today's robot vacuums offer intelligent navigation courtesy of lidar tech. But despite being the gold standard of robot vacuum navigation, it's not perfect.
black decker health, seniors, wearable, goVia, fall detection

Black+Decker Health trackers are the reimagined life alert system for seniors

Live alone, or have older parents who do? These new trackers from Black+Decker can help if someone has an unexpected medical problem.
Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen on table.

Nest commits to increasing its transparency around privacy and security

Nest has updated it security and privacy standards to be more clear about what kind of information it collects and what that information is used for.
Countertop image of the Ninja Air Fryer.

Which Ninja Foodi should you buy? All the cookers and air fryers compared

Looking for a quicker and healthier way to prep your favorite meals and snacks? Ninja's lineup of multicookers and air fryers are ideal stove-top replacements.
Vitapod drink system lifestyle press image against aqua background.

Vitapod drink system swirls water into a nutrient-rich beverage

Tired of plain water? This new drink system zaps water into a nutrient-rich beverage that's healthier than water.
lenovo smart clock 2 news charging dock

Lenovo’s cute Smart Clock 2 now comes with a wireless charger for your phone

Lenovo's new Smart Clock 2 with Google Assistant has a cute new design and a helpful new feature: A wireless charging plinth with a built-in night light.
An Ethernet port and plug.

The last thing we need is to connect smart home gear to Ethernet

There are benefits to using Ethernet, but Wi-Fi is more than sufficient in most cases. Ethernet should be a last resort.
Wyze Climate Sensor placed on ledge.

Wyze Home Monitoring System can now detect leaks and climate changes at home

Wyze is adding two new devices to its home monitoring system, a wireless leak sensor probe with an optional extension, and a battery-powered climate monitor.
level fashions smallest smart lock ever made copy of iphone

New Level smart lock may be the smallest ever made, but it has tons of features

The Level Lock is the smallest smart lock ever made, with a host of smart features like touch, voice, and keycard control.

Generark HomePower 2 emergency backup generator can charge EVs and much more

Don't settle for backup power that can't handle most of life's appliances and devices. This power tower can recharge anything.
terra natural migration 1, sensor, nature sounds,

This smart sensor gives you a first row seat to birds singing in your backyard

Terra pipes real-world nature sounds into your home, and helps track bird migration too!