Panasonic Viera GT25 Plasmas Get 2D-to-3D Conversion

panasonic viera gt25 plasmas get 2d to 3d conversion vt25 hdtv

Panasonic has announced two new 3D-compatible plasma televisions, the 42- and 50-inch Viera GT25 series. Both are less expensive than Panasonic’s current 3D-compatible VT20/VT25 sets, and offer another twist: they can convert standard 2D imagery to 3D, so 3D fans can leave those shutter glasses on all day long.

“The debut of our VIERA GT25 Series of Full HD 3D TVs further expands our portfolio of 3D offerings and makes it even easier for consumers to join the immersive world of Full HD 3D for the home,” said Panasonic Display Group VP of merchandizing Henry Hauser, in a statement.

The 42-inch unit is the smallest 3D screen size Panasonic has introduced so far, which Panasonic says is in response to customer requests for a smaller 3D set for video gaming.

The GT25 series features Panasonic’s VieraCast technology that enables users to tap into online content from services like Amazon-on-Demand, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Twitter, Skype, and others via the television and an existing home broadband connection. The sets also offer USB connectivity, full 1080p resolution, THX display certification, and the same 600Hz Sub-field drive available in the VT25 series.

Panasonic says the GT25 series will be available by the end of the month, with the 42-inch version carrying a suggested price of $1,699.95 while the 50-inch version will go for $2,099.95.

[Image: Panasonic Viera VT25]