Google showcases projects in “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

google im feeling lucky

Have you ever wondered what the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button next to regular search on Google meant? If you were confused, you’re not alone. Google has finally updated a change on Thursday that makes it a bit more clear what it button does. Now, if you scroll over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, it will initiate a slot machine-like effect and spins a random new “feeling” out of eight options, such as playful or puzzled. With this update, each new feeling will bring up different Google product.

In the past, “I’m Feeling Lucky” would open up random pages or websites related to the user-inputted search query. Now, the button is independent of the search terms. For example, upon clicking “I’m feeling playful,” the site brought us to the Google Doodle celebrating the 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN. Selecting “I’m feeling stellar” opens up a Google Image search result for the term “nebulae,” which displays ‘stellar’ images of the celestial object. “I’m feeling trendy” will open up a page for Google Hot Searches, listing the most searched queries by the day. The new options are fun to sample and test your luck.

But there’s one theme that’s apparent among all the searches: All feelings cleverly showcase a Google product and repurpose it to prevent attrition in the consumer’s mind. After all, there isn’t a publicly available hub or page where all of Google’s lesser known one-off projects are listed. By including the feature on the front page of Google via “I’m Feeling Lucky,” many of Google’s easter eggs or product launches that have made a fleeting splash in the press are included. Google Images, Google Doodles, Google’s World Wonders Project, Google Art Project, Google’s a Google a day, and restaurant listings are among the products that are featured.

Check out the full list of “feelings” and its corresponding Google product below:

I’m Feeling Artistic – Google Art Project

I’m Feeling Trendy – Google Trends’ Hot Trends

I’m Feeling Wonderful – Google’s World Wonders Project

I’m Feeling Stellar – Google Images

I’m Feeling Doodley – Google Doodles

I’m Feeling Playful – Google Doodle of PAC-MAN game

I’m Feeling Puzzled – a Google a day

I’m Feeling Hungry – restaurant listings