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Windows 10

10 tech stories you missed this week: Windows 10 and two cheap, awesome phones

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


3 iPhone apps to help you create incredible Instagram photos

Everyone can post to Instagram but not everyone tends to post something special. If you're looking to stand out among the crowd these top 3 iOS photo-editing apps will help you create the perfect pic.


Are you gentrifying your neighborhood? Slate’s calculator will tell you

You can probably tell if your neighborhood is changing around you, but Slate created a calculator that puts some numbers behind whether or not you're a gentrifier based on your income and the ZIP code you live in.


See the first photos from the iPhone 6S production line

There's only a month or so to go until Apple's traditional iPhone unveiling event, and the leaks are starting to add up to a steady trickle. These are the newest pictures to appear.


Want to ditch your postage-stamp display? Here’s how to buy a new big-screen monitor

Check out our computer monitor buying guide for advice on everything from size to resolution and response times. A new display can be an investment, but it doesn't need to be intimidating!


Designer mocks up an Apple Music without the iTunes

In an alternate reality, Apple Music exists without the rest of iTunes attached to it — and one designer has tried to imagine what the resulting desktop software package would look like.


Specs and pictures leak out for Samsung’s next pair of phablets

Spoiler alert! Find out what the next pair of Samsung devices will look like and the specs they're going to be carrying thanks to leaked information that appeared online this weekend.


Why Netflix is poised to become the biggest TV network in the world

Most of us barely remember a time before Netflix became a streaming video staple, but recent moves have put the once-floundering company on pace to become a full-fledged network of monstrous proportions.

Home Theater

Put away your cables: Sharp’s WHRAP makes wireless home theater a reality

Sharp’s Wireless High Res Audio player is a little ahead of its time, but it signals a future where ditching cables doesn’t mean sacrificing so much as an ounce of sound…

  • Pros: Excellent overall hi-res audio performance , WiSA is a…
  • Cons: NNW — Not Necessarily Wireless , Can’t play SACDs via…

Why aren’t women staying in computer science?

50 years ago, nearly half of the programmers in the business were women. Today, only 18 percent of college grads with a computer science degree have two X chromosomes. And in the workplace, it gets grimmer.


China orders Samsung to ditch the bloatware from its devices

As the result of losing a lawsuit in China, Samsung is giving users the option to uninstall preloaded apps from its phones — lets hope the practice extends to other OEMs and countries too.


Cell phones radiation is making headlines again with Berkeley’s Right to Know ordinance

Under Berkeley's Right to Know ordinance, cell phone retailers are required to inform consumers that by carrying a cell phone on your person (in your shirt pocket, pants, or bra), "You may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure."


Here’s how to fine-tune the Action Center in Windows 10

The Action Center in Windows 10 is more useful than you might think, that is, if you know what you're doing. Here's how to fine-tune your notifications and Quick actions.