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Sony shows off Metal Gear Solid hi-res Walkmen in Japan

Sony is partnering with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to release video game-branded hi-res Walkmen in Japan. Local buyers will be able to show off their love for hi-res audio and Metal Gear Solid, but it’ll be costly.


Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are back again in new CBS drama

A pilot episode for the drama series Sawyer & Huck, based on the Mark Twain characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn dragged into modern day America, has been picked up by CBS.

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Alexa, lights on: Amazon Echo can now control your SmartThings devices

Amazon Echo just got a little more control: It's now compatible with Samsung's SmartThings, so you can use voice commands to turn on your lights or anything plugged into its smart outlet.


Seth Rogen’s new comedy Future Man heads to Hulu

In Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's "Future Man," a janitor who moonlights as a world-ranked video gamer is tasked with saving the world from a 'super-race invasion.' The answer to your question is yes, Rogen and Goldberg both smoke weed.

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GameFly Streaming to make Samsung Smart TVs a whole lot more fun

If you want to play a few games on your new TV but don't own a console or find PlayStation Now too expensive, there is now another option, as GameFly Streaming is now coming to Samsung Smart TVs.


Regal will check moviegoers’ bags in the aim for a safer theater experience

Regal Theaters, the largest American theater chain, will now check moviegoers’ bags before they enter the theater. The added security is in response to recent tragic incidents at movie theaters.

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Labels making ‘playola’ payments to get songs on Spotify playlists

Record labels now pay for placement on popular streaming music playlists, according to a new report. As music streaming and listening to playlists has grown in popularity, so has 'playola.'


Michael Mann taps Christian Bale to play Enzo Ferrari in new biopic

Christian Bale has reportedly agreed to play Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's highly-anticipated new biopic about the car magnate's life, with filming set to begin some time next year.

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Amazon Fire TV fans have reason to celebrate: HBO Now has finally arrived

After launching exclusively for Apple TV owners, HBO Now has been making its way to more and more devices. Earlier this month it appeared on the Chromecast, and now it's available on Amazon Fire TV devices.

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Fresh Prince star Alfonso Ribeiro says Courtney Cox inspired his dance, The Carlton

Ever wonder what inspired the Carlton dance on popular '90s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who played the character of Carlton, reveals the secret, and what was actually written in the script.

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Yamaha MusicCast is like Sonos, but works with any source and any BT speaker

Yamaha MusicCast that incorporates all the features you'd expect from a Sonos-style multi-room-audio setup, and much more. The system rolls out with 20 pieces, including receivers, speakers, and sound bars.

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Spotify’s intrusive privacy policy allows the collection of photos, sensor data, and more

In a move that has sparked controversy for those concerned about personal privacy, Spotify's Orwellian new privacy policy wants access to users' contacts, photos, GPS data, and sensor data, and will also share the data with advertisers.


Apple Stores demote the iconic iPod from display tables to the wall rack

Beginning next week, iPods will be demoted from the table display to wall racks in Apple Stores. The devices, which were once a groundbreaking way to consume music, will now be found alongside other accessories like headphones and chargers.


Does porn still have the power to push new tech, or has it gone soft?

Porn has long had a reputation as technology’s king maker, pushing whichever tech it backs to success. But is that really the case?

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DirecTV announces 4K Genie Mini, bringing UHD video to secondary TVs

Pushing forward to support ultra high definition televisions outside of the living room, DirecTV's new 4K Genie Mini will let consumers watch UHD video on a secondary television in the home.

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