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V Inc. introduces 46 Inch Vizio plamsa TV

The Vizio is compatible with HDTV formats including 480p, 1080i and 720p. It comes standard with an integrated 181-channel NTSC/PAL TV tuner, stand and built-in stereo speakers. Suggested retailprice is $3,999.

The thin (3.2 inch deep), widescreen (16:9) plasma display boasts 20% or 150 square inches more viewing area than a 42 inch display. It has a 160-degree viewing angle, 800:1 contrast ratio, and 16.77million colors. A “fanless” design allows for quiet viewing.

The Vizio P4 offers a complete compliment of inputs, accommodating the needs of today’s home theaters and boardrooms. Analog video inputs include, computer RGB (VGA type 15-pin D-Sub), ComponentVideo, S-Video, Composite Video and standard RF. A DVI (Digital Video Interface) has been included on the Vizio P4 to allow direct digital input to similarly equipped PC or Macintosh computers, HDTVset-top boxes and DVD players such as V Inc.’s Bravo D1. Direct digital connection via DVI eliminates video scaling and noise artifacts, which are introduced because of unnecessary analog to digitalconversion.

A digital image processor enhances and controls the various sources input to the digital display. It features motion adaptive deinterlacing to produce progressive scan images from standard definitioncontent and 3:2 pull down of filmed DVD material for flicker-free playback. Four adjustable aspect ratios include: 4:3 or 16:9 (Full), 4:3 to 16:9 (Stretch) and auto detect anamorphic (Enhanced forWide Screen TV) modes. A digital pan-20x zoom-feature is a bonus for taking a closer look at replays in sports or movies and piture – in – picture makes sure you can keep track of two programs at thesame time.

Additionally, the Vizio P4 features an “Optimal Brightness” mode, to address the very different brightness requirements between computer and TV display settings. “Computer display devices aredesigned to show static pictures clearly, and the brightness of such display devices are, by design, much lower than televisions. TVs are designed to display very bright, high contrast, movingpictures in environments with a lot of ambient light,” states Ken Lowe, Director of Engineering at V Inc. “The Vizio P4’s optimal brightness feature enables light output to be optimized when used aseither a computer display or a television.”

The TV/monitor comes with a one-year standard warranty on parts and labor. Weighing 81.57 lbs. with dimensions of 44.84 inch (W) x 28.4 inch (H) x 3.2 inch (D) or 44.84 inch (W) x 28.4 inch (H) x 8.3inch (D) with stand, the Vizio P4 is available now.