Spanish phone firm Zetta accused of selling repurposed Xiaomi phones

Spanish phone manufacturer Zetta is under fire after users noticed that several of its phones appeared to be repurposed Xiaomi phones. Zetta has denied the accusations, but some are calling for an investigation.

Road ID app lets you keep tabs on your loved ones when they are out running

Road ID is a mobile app which offers a so-called eCrumb tracking service, allowing friends, family or anyone else you choose to track you in real-time on a map when you go running or biking.

Think you’re buying a real Apple product on Amazon? Think again

Ordering an Apple product from Amazon? You may want to double check its authenticity. According to a new lawsuit from the iEmpire, 90 percent of the products sold by Amazon and purporting to be "genuine" Apple products are anything but.

FCC fines T-Mobile $48M for allegedly misleading unlimited data customers

T-Mobile agreed to pay the Federal Communications Commission $48 million in order to settle an investigation regarding its data throttling practices. The carrier hasn't admitted guilt.
Health & Fitness

Eye care experts say multiscreen lifestyle raises risk of dry eye disease

An online Harris survey of eye care professionals sees a link between tech use and a higher risk of dry eye disease. It's most common in women over 50 and the survey reports increases in the 18-to-34 age range.

Sprint now offers an unlimited data plan for tablets, but it comes with some — limits

Want unlimited data from Sprint? You can get it, but it'll cost you ... not all that much, actually. On Tuesday, the Kansas-based mobile service provider introduced an unlimited data plan exclusively for tablet users.

The Blu Energy X Plus 2 is a $100 phone with a huge 4,900mAh battery

Blu has announced the Energy X Plus 2, the company's latest phone that features a huge 4,900mAh battery. The phone is showing up as out of stock on Amazon, though it will be available for $100 unlocked.

The LeEco Pro 3 could be one of the most powerful Android phones yet

The new LeEco Pro 3, LeEco's new flagship phone, has been officially announced. It'll retail in the U.S. for $400, or $300 with an instant discount. Here's everything you need to know.

LeEco wants to woo Americans with the affordable, feature-packed Le S3

Chinese electronics behemoth has announced that one of its smartphones, the Le S3, would be making a stateside debut later this year. It was released in overseas territories earlier this year.
Cool Tech

The WristWhirl's unique interface could let you use smartwatches one-handed

WristWhirl is a smart user interface which lets smartwatch wearers perform common touchscreen gestures by using their watch-wearing wrist as a joystick. One day, all smartwatches could work like this.

Apple detox: How to switch from iOS to Android without missing a beat

If you've decided to bridge the great tech divide and leave Apple's walled garden for the unknown shores of Android, then you'll find all the tips and advice you need to help you settle in right here.

The Moov HR is a superprecise fitness tracker that slots into a headband

The Moov HR, a fitness tracker in the form of a headband, tracks your heart rate with incredible precision. It's available in two configurations, the Moov Sweat headband and the Moov Sweat swim cap, and begins shipping in early 2017.