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Germany to WhatsApp — stop sharing private user data with Facebook

A month after the messaging giant made a controversial decision to share member information with parent company Facebook, Hamburg's data protection commissioner has weighed in on the controversy.

Forget discovering new music; Spotify’s latest feature plays only songs you love

Spotify has made a big deal out of music discovery, with multiple weekly playlists to help listeners find new music. It’s latest feature, Daily Mix, takes a different approach, building playlists of songs you already love.

Google Station aims to offer fast, reliable Wi-Fi in public venues on global basis

Following a successful year-long partnership with RailTel and Indian Railways, Google has announced a worldwide rollout of public Wi-Fi access as part of a project known as Google Station.

Love the new iOS lock screen? Now, you can watch MLB at Bat videos from it, too

Taking advantage of iOS 10's brand new lock screen, a new update to MLB At Bat allows baseball superfans to watch highlights from their lock screens. Don't get too excited, though, you technically still have to unlock your phone.

Chinese ridesharing powerhouse Didi is moving into a new market — Bicycles

Didi Chuxing has already established itself as the dominant force in terms of ridesharing in China, with a market share larger than Uber's. Now, it's looking at two-wheeled options, too with an investment in Ofo.

15 tricky HTC 10 problems and how to fix them

If you’ve run into a thorny issue with your HTC 10, allow us to provide a potential solution. These are the most common issues surrounding HTC 10 and a few bits of advice on how you might overcome them.

Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App…

Get more out of your BlackBerry DTEK50 with these tips and tricks

BlackBerry coins its DTEK50 as “the world’s most secure Android smartphone,” namely because of the software it runs on. Security may be the narrative that defines the device’s marketing, but this is a phone with a number of features…

Out with the old: Xiaomi’s sparkly Snapdragon 821-powered Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus are here

Xiaomi has updated the Mi 5 -- a phone only released back in February -- with the Mi 5S, and announced the new Mi 5S Plus at the same time. The two phones use Qualcomm's fast Snapdragon 821 processor. Here's everything you need to know…
Cool Tech

Uber wants to fly you to work in a small autonomous aircraft

Uber says it's interested in launching a city-based air service to give riders access to faster modes of transport. But instead of using a good ol' fashioned helicopter, it wants to develop a much quieter machine that can fly autonomously.

Uber looks set to eat into global meal delivery market with major expansion

Uber's meal delivery service already operates in 36 cities in 6 countries, but job listings spotted this week suggest it's planning a major expansion into 31 additional cities in 24 countries.
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Tumblr’s new iMessage app lets you create and share your own GIFs

Tumblr’s new iMessage app is a GIF lover's dream. If you enjoy creating and sharing GIFs, you can now do so using just your iPhone. The easy-to-use extension also offers a range of fun, Snapchat-style, customization options.