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Sonos gets smarter with Spotify Connect and Amazon Alexa integration

Sonos on Tuesday announced two key partnerships, adding full integration with Spotify and support for Amazon's Alexa. Existing Sonos owners will have full access to the new services for free.

The 40 best songs about friendship

From Biz Markie to Bette Midler, friendship is a theme that spans all genres of music. Check out our Spotify playlist of the best songs about friendship, with a friend of course.

Miles of music: The top 40 songs about cars, driving, and roadtrips

Who better to share the road with than a bevy of sweet tunes? To aid you on this journey filled with miles and music we've compiled a list of the top 40 songs about cars and driving.

Spotify reportedly punishing artists who release exclusives on other streaming services

Spotify is making quite clear the extent of its jealousy in the face of competitors, as per a Bloomberg report that claims "Spotify has been retaliating against musicians who introduce new material exclusively" on other services.

Amazon’s music streaming service may be a lot cheaper than Spotify

Possibly ideal for Amazon customers that are also Spotify subscribers, the online retailer may debut a less expensive music streaming service for anyone that's purchased an Amazon Echo device.

Our massive playlist of the catchiest songs ever will get you humming

We've assembled a seriously ear-infesting list of 80 of the most catchy songs of all time, for those who enjoy classic pop, or are looking to rediscover long-lost hits from their formative years.

Get zen with our deep playlist of the best acoustic songs on Spotify

Finding the perfect acoustic songs to fuel your misty morning, late night, or mellow afternoon can be hard, so here's our playlist of the top strummers of all time, from classic hits to new ballads.

President Obama shares awesome summer playlists for the day and the night

President Barack Obama has published two new playlists of summer jams, providing fans an opportunity to share in his favorite seasonal tracks. They are separated for daytime and nighttime consumption.

Prepare to shake your booty to the best dance songs around

Get ready to shake it to our playlist of the greatest dance songs of all time, ranging from classic rock and roll freak outs to modern-day electro-pop bangers, all designed to get your body moving.

Hear the latest from artists you love, those you might like with new Spotify feature

Finding new music from your favorite artists just got easier with the launch of Spotify's latest new feature, Release Radar, which highlights new releases from artists you love, as well as those you might want to check out.

Jam out hard to the 12 best playlists Spotify has to offer

We've scoured Spotify for the best playlists, picking the top twelve groups of songs on the streaming music service, a grouping which will offer a little something for every type of listener.

Beta no more: After nine months, Apple Music hits version 1.0 on Android

Apple Music has been in beta mode since it launched on Android back in November. It's finally dropping the beta and is now officially version 1.0. If you check the Play Store, however, it only has 3.3 stars out of 5.