Kanye West facing potential class-action lawsuit for breaking Tidal exclusivity promise

A frustrated fan is suing Kanye West, saying the rapper tricked millions into signing up for Tidal after tweeting that his latest album, "The Life Of Pablo," would never be available anywhere else.

Spotify founders will skip out of Sweden if demands aren’t met

Spotify founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon say that they will move Spotify's headquarters out of Stockholm if issues related to housing, education, and stock issues aren't fixed.

Beatlemania forever! Fab Four streamed over 250 million times on Spotify already

The Beatles have claimed their throne as one of the most popular artists on Spotify in their first hundred days on the service, with over a quarter of a billion plays from 6.5 million monthly listeners.

Kanye’s The Life of Pablo LP hits Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play (Update)

Kanye West's latest record The Life of Pablo may finally hit streaming services besides Jay Z's Tidal, expected to launch on Spotify, Apple Music, and Rhapsody beginning this Friday.

Spotify raises $1 billion ahead of IPO, investors get a screaming deal

Spotify has raised $1 billion from investors in the form of debt, a big indication that a public offering will follow in short order. The deal also seems to indicate the company needed the money pretty badly.

Tidal says Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo pulled 250 million streams in 10 days

In the first 10 days of its debut, Tidal claims Kanye West's recently-released album The Life of Pablo amassed more than 250 million streams on the service, where it streamed exclusively.

Spotify’s new Never Ending Story ad is utterly ’80s-tastic

Spotify enlists some old friends to turn the nostalgia to 11 for a new ad. The spot shows the original actor from The Never Ending Story all grown up and riding his awesome dragon-dog, Falkor, to the hit single from the movie.

Thumbs up? Spotify may add voting to its music playlists

A survey sent to Spotify users could show that the music streaming service has big plans for its playlists feature, giving users the ability to share whether they like or dislike a given song on a playlist.

Vinyl made more money than every free on-demand streaming service in 2015

Vinyl sales generated more money for the music industry in 2015 than Spotify, YouTube, and all other unpaid on-demand streaming services combined, according to the latest dismal report from the RIAA.

Ford secures Spotify partnership for its FordPass mobility service

Ford is partnering with Spotify on its new FordPass program, which will curate mobility services for members. Spotify is one of a handful of companies that will offer perks for those members.

Spotify now has a whopping 30 million paying subscribers

Apple Music may have jumped into the streaming game, but Spotify's user base is still growing. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has confirmed today that the service has now reached 30 million paying subscribers.

Spotify agrees to pay $21 million to artists in unpaid royalties

After being slammed with lawsuits left and right, Spotify comes to agreement with the National Publisher's Music Association to pay $21 million in unpaid royalties to music publishers and songwriters.