Vinyl made more money than every free on-demand streaming service in 2015

Vinyl sales generated more money for the music industry in 2015 than Spotify, YouTube, and all other unpaid on-demand streaming services combined, according to the latest dismal report from the RIAA.

Ford secures Spotify partnership for its FordPass mobility service

Ford is partnering with Spotify on its new FordPass program, which will curate mobility services for members. Spotify is one of a handful of companies that will offer perks for those members.

Spotify now has a whopping 30 million paying subscribers

Apple Music may have jumped into the streaming game, but Spotify's user base is still growing. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has confirmed today that the service has now reached 30 million paying subscribers.

Spotify agrees to pay $21 million to artists in unpaid royalties

After being slammed with lawsuits left and right, Spotify comes to agreement with the National Publisher's Music Association to pay $21 million in unpaid royalties to music publishers and songwriters.

Pyro is like hiring a private DJ, minus the high costs or attitude 2:35

There's nothing worse than going to a party where the person in charge of the music simply sucks. In this video review, see how the app Pyro can transform the way you play music and save the night from buzzkill.

Master Spotify with our list of epic music streaming tricks

These Spotify tips will help you to find the music you love, discover new tunes, organize your collection, and share playlists with friends. The streaming service has many features most users don't know about.
Home Theater

Spotify clones are being built with a $40 script, and Spotify isn’t happy about it

Earlier this year, a simple script appeared that allowed anyone with $40 to build their own YouTube-powered Spotify clone. Now the company is pursuing legal action against at least some of these sites.

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Who wins the ultimate streaming showdown? 2:22

Apple Music is giving Spotify a run for its money, but which service is best for you? We compare and contrast all we know about the two streaming music services to help you make the best decision.

This Spotify survey found the musical mixes that electrify exercisers

Spotify data shows which artists and songs are the best for not only keeping us entertained, but helping us burn through our daily calories. Pop and hip-hop tunes were among the most favored in the gym.
Social Media

You can now share Spotify songs directly through Facebook Messenger

Spotify's new integration with the social media platform will allow users to share songs or playlists directly within Facebook Messenger. Simply go to the "more" tab in the Facebook app, and send your favorite tunes to your favorite people.

Spotify now has a birthing playlist for when you go into labor

Spotify announced their partnership with New York City-based OB-GYN Dr. Jacques Moritz to create an "ideal Birthing Playlist that is scientifically designed (and delivery room tested and approved) to accompany women through childbirth."

Spotify introduces Fresh Finds playlists to introduce up-and-comers

Spotify debuted a new tool they're calling Fresh Finds, which "surfaces the latest songs from undiscovered artists that are capturing the world’s interest before the music becomes popular."