Google laces up Stanford-area homes with high-speed fiber Internet

google laces up stanford area homes with high speed fiber internet house fiberopticGoogle is one step closer to become a verifiable Internet service provider. On Thursday, the company announced that it will build and test a high-speed network in a Stanford University neighborhood, installing 1-gigabit fiber broadband that product manager James Kelly claims in the site’s blog will be “…more than 100 times faster than what most people have access to today.”

This is the first major step Google has taken with fiber optics since announcing its plan to introduce fiber Internet trials early last year. After testing on its own territory, Google is now ready to expand, and nearly 1,000 of the university area homes will be included in the first round of beta testing (which should break ground shortly after the New Year). But this doesn’t mean other communities that have been campaigning for the coveted title of Google fiber testers should lose hope. The company reassures that it is still looking into additional locations for trial runs (so relax, Topeka) – and that decisions will be made around the end of the year.

So why Stanford first? It’s a pretty natural fit. The Mountain View, California headquarters are less than 20 minutes away (according to Google Maps!) and the southeast end of campus was more than willing to let Google tear it up for experimentation purposes. Keep an eye on the Google Fiber for Communities site for sure-to-come updates on their progress.

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