Microsoft hiring engineers for possible new cloud-based TV platform

Microsoft cloud TV serviceMicrosoft isn’t letting up on its efforts to stay relevant in the computing industry. Hot on the heels of the Windows 8 release, job listings on the company’s website show positions for developing “a new cloud-based TV platform.” The positions are part of the Interactive Entertainment Business division of Microsoft, so the possible new cloud service will appear on Xbox if it does come to fruition.

Think you’re up for the task? The job listings are for engineers experienced with using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. It also looks like the company is seeking both mobile and browser options, since iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows RT are also listed as ideal fields of experience.

It would be a huge coup for Microsoft to be the first company to offer a device-specific cloud television service. Microsoft’s foray into a cloud-based TV platform could also be an effort to muscle out the other companies with Xbox Live apps for watching TV and movies, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, in favor of an internal platform. Microsoft worked with Comcast to release the NBC News app on Xbox in August, and that could be just an early step toward positioning itself as an entertainment leader.

Whatever the motivation, this is one more sign that Microsoft is willing to adapt to secure its spot as a key player in the fast-moving tech scene. With plans for the Xbox 720 to hit the market some time in 2014, Microsoft has plenty of time to make a concerted push to have an impressive new addition to its product when the new console becomes available. 

[Source: SlashGear]