MSN Suspends Search Beta

“On Tuesday, MSN removed the alpha release of its forthcoming algorithmic search engine from the MSN Sandbox site, as first reported by the Web site. (The MSN Sandbox is a collection of technologies under development by MSN and other Microsoft divisions.)

Also on Tuesday, MSN introduced what several new, free MSN services that it’s calling “life management features” for its Hotmail customers. Among the new services MSN added are online calendaring, online task manager, note creation, and reminders. MSN also added new functionality to the contact management service that’s already available to Hotmail users, enabling them to store more detailed contact information than just names and e-mail addresses. All of these new services are available immediately, according to Microsoft.”

The halting of their search engine beta appears to only be temporary as a Microsoft spokespoerson said they expect to “field” the new search engine before years end.

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