S3 Unveils OmniChrome Graphics Card

“Today S3 is taking the wraps off OmniChrome, an answer to ATI’s All-in-Wonder and NVIDIA’s Personal Cinema. Based on a DeltaChrome S4 Nitro graphics card, OmniChrome adds a TV tuner and video decoder chip to enable video capture and PVR applications. Given DeltaChrome’s native HDTV output support and less-than-stellar gaming performance, the PVR/home theater PC market seems like a natural market for S3 to pursue. However, after spending a few hours with an OmniChrome evaluation sample, I’m afraid it’s far from a natural. “

It sounds like S3 is along the right track, but they need to do some fine tuning before this product is released to market. ATI’s All-In-Wonder line has had little competition with NVIDIA’s Personal Cinema products receiving only mediocre reviews. The one thing this S3 OmniChrome video card has that the ATI AIW line doesn’t is HDTV support. You can currently only get HDTV support through ATI’s HDTV Wonder product which does not actually have a graphical processing unit.

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