Sony Develops World’s First Running Robot

By applying this technology to QRIO, which is one of Sony’s technology platforms, Sony has successfully created the world’s first running humanoid robot.

The new ‘walking, jumping, running movement control’ technology which Sony has developed this time accomplishes motion involving both feet losing contact with the floor at the same time, which meansit is a motion control technology enabling stable running and jumping. The seamless addition of motion control based on this new technology enabling running and jumping, has lead to the developmentof a robot having outstanding motion capabilities.

In order to achieve stable motion control for conventional humanoid robots, either one or both feet needed to be touching the floor and, from the opposing force produced by the contact with either ofthe feet, motion such as walking was controlled. This is the control theory based on the so called ZMP (Zero Moment Point) stable range and forms the foundation of robot motion control.

Furthermore, together with this new control technology, in addition to powering-up and enhancing the output torque of Sony’s original and unique robot actuator, ISA (Intelligent Servo Actuator), anew hardware unit suitable for the running feature has been developed. By implementing this newly developed ISA in QRIO and optimizing the new control system, Sony has successfully created theworld’s first running feature for a humanoid robot.

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