Viral Video: Why Moore’s Law will collapse in the next decade

Michio Kaku speaking on Big ThinkIf you’ve watched television shows about space or the universe in the last decade, chances are, you’ve likely seen Michio Kaku. He’s one of the more famous theoretical physicists in the United States and a co-founder of String theory, which is the leading theory on how our universe works. He’s quite active in PBS, Discovery, and blogs all across the Web.

In this video, he speaks with Big Think to discuss what he sees as the upcoming collapse of Moore’s Law, which has pushed and guided the technology industry since 1965, when it was conceived by Intel c0-founder Gordon E. Moore. It states that the processing power of affordable computer chips will double about every two years. This consistent doubling of computer power has fed the computer revolution in the last few decades. It’s the reason why computers are now small enough and powerful enough to create smartphones and other tiny gadgets. Soon, however, Silicon Valley may have to change its name. Kaku believes we are reaching the limits of silicon. In the next 10-20 years, we may have to move to molecular computing and maybe even quantum computing to continue expanding the limits of our technology.

I’d go into further detail, but it may be smarter of me to let an actual scientist explain this. The video is below.

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